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A Parent’s Pledge for Girl Summit 2014

A Parent’s Pledge for Girl Summit 2014 (via http://donnanavarro.com)

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When my family and I sat down to breakfast yesterday, my daughter asked what my plans were and why I was up and working so early. 505 more words


FGM - The Most Frightening Acronym Ever Devised

Have you heard of this acronym? In my experience 3-letter acronyms are the preserve of the IT industry, but in this instance they are very glad to give this one a wide berth. 1,154 more words


' Authenticity of an Edict Attributed to be Sunni Islamic Group ISIS Over FGM Show Growing Doubts '

#AceWorldNews – IRAQ (Mosul) – July 28 – Thanks to a fellow blogger called American Liberal Times certain doubts are growing about the authenticity of an edict attributed to the Sunni Islamist group ISIS controlling the Iraqi city of Mosul about female genital mutilation (FGM) and a post provided by… 334 more words


FGM: A child abuse 'out of the ordinary'

London is hosting an international summit to discuss putting a stop to female genital mutilation. In the UK as many as 170,000 women and girls have been cut but why does the practice persist and what does it mean for the victims? 1,265 more words

Child Abuse


It was a great honour to be invited to attend The Girl Summit in UK which was hosted by the UK Government and United Nations Children’s Fund. 1,107 more words

Public Health in the News - July 26, 2014


  • Speaking to delegates at the AIDS 2014 Conference, Singer and activist Bob Geldof took donors to task for their “preposterous reluctance to fund the last mile,” calling it a disgrace.
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Public Health News

Schools Must Safeguard Girls From FGM; But How?

Simply Child Safe, a new publication edited by Denise Fergus (mother of murdered toddler James Bulger), addresses current UK child safeguarding issues.  As a fellow Liverpudlian I was pleased to be asked to write about child protection and female genital mutilation (FGM) for Issue No 2 of this magazine. 1,514 more words

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