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Quick Spotlight number 3

I was going to try to spread these out, but today a designer shared something that made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to wait any amount of time to share with you! 196 more words

Tour de Fleece, Day Eighteen

The Tour is winding down and almost over, but I am determined to finish the singles for Gem Mining before the final moment passes! Thus far, I have finished the singles for four out of the seven batt sets; I have about seven ounces (out of the original 19.somethin) left to spin. 8 more words

Why "Unicorn Yarn Shop"?

A Unicorn is a rare, magical, and elusive creature. It represents something extraordinary. Something altogether different. It is not like every other horse. It embodies my dream for a new dynamic fiber arts community that throws off the old constraints of tradition and snobbery commonly found in the needle arts world. 238 more words


TdF, Up Early!

I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to spin today, so I got up an hour early this morning in order to get started on ounces 5 and 6 of the cabled yarn project. 130 more words

Fiber Arts

Butterfly Kaleidscope Stars ... Again

See this lovely stack of butterfly kaleidoscope stars, all with their surrounding diamonds? The stack is made up of more stars than it appears. There are well over 60 stars in that pile. 268 more words


Dpns are not my favorite

The socks I’m working on for my husband are on dpns… I avoid dpns at all costs normally, but my 3 mm circs are with my dreambird kal shawl. 33 more words

Tour de Fleece, Day Seventeen

Horrendous headache– I should not have been spinning– but I did anyways :P Continued my work on the Gem Mining project. Finished singles for two of the batts and started on my fourth.