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Spot light number 5

Did you guys know that I am such a big fan of a particular BBC sci-fi long running series? This particular series has been running since before I was born.. 483 more words



In anticipation of meeting my nephew, I’ve decided to knit him his Christmas stocking. I’ve got enough time to get it done if I stick to it, and it would be nice to give it to him in person rather than have to try to send it in the mail. 197 more words

Fiber Arts

Summer Project Completed!

Since I wrote the last post, I have been steadily working on a queen-size  bed spread   for my daughter.  It has been a larger scale project than I usually undertake, but I am happy with the results.   545 more words

Fiber Arts

July Member Meeting

We met on Saturday, July 12th, in the Game Room at Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community for our Annual Member Meeting and our monthly Open Study Group combined. 317 more words


Finally Something

It seems to have taken forever (okay more like a week and a half) to have something to share with you all. With the laptop being MIA (the giant swiped it for a work trip) to staying busy with work stuff it seems as though there has been little time for much blogging. 657 more words

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That which I haven't discussed

So, at the end of April I cast on the Boxy and Buttony sweater. And never bothered to show it off. Why? Because it’s a bit of a complicated start, and I told myself repeatedly that I would not show it off until the back and front were connected. 81 more words

Fiber Arts

Spinnin' and Weavin' and Sheep Cuddlin'

What an addiction this fiber thing has become. I can hardly keep from thinking in color and fiber and weft and warp and spin and twist…. 568 more words

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