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I did it!

I finally finished my Boxy tunic. At a point, I was worried it was more dress like. I worried I would run out of yarn, and I basically did seeing as I had 3 strands of yarn left at the end, none of them in useable lengths. 190 more words

Fiber Arts

Shawls and More Shawls

Is it me or are you too feeling like you are being bombarded with shawl patterns? Many sites are featuring quite a number of lacy shawl patterns. 117 more words


Fiber Love

I’ll admit it. I love fibers. I love the drape of satin, the bright colors of silk, the crispness of cotton. I love the feeling of soft wool yarn running over my fingers. 629 more words


I'm not a complete idiot !???

Notes from Alexis: Computers are frustrating the heck out of her, gardens are coming in abundance, and life in general is tending to put her in a huff! 1,208 more words


Quick Project

Remember that Wonder Knitter I got around holiday time? I am having trouble recalling it too, as I haven’t used it in 3 months :(. Funny how something can seem so great at the moment, yet is forgotten 2 weeks later. 77 more words


Diversions, Large and Small

The two other diversions that were irresistible and took me away from Springtime in Paris. Both involving 45-degree diamonds. One very large and one very small. 336 more words


Quite Boxy

We’ve been hit by a fever here at Chez Shells. Miss Bug has had one for 2 days now, causing two days off of work for me. 154 more words

Fiber Arts