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When you need a snack

Sometimes you just have to have a snack. It happens to me when my husband is going to be late getting home which means we will eat dinner later. 39 more words

Weight Loss

Starting my day off right with BREAKFAST! 177 calories

ONLY 177 Calories i know !

It really is delicious and you feel full after having it which most low calorie meals don’t offer!

Now ill go have my coffee with my 18 cal Hood Milk, and a hard boiled egg to break up time before lunch !


Review: Fiber One 80 Calories Chocolate Cereal

I find that the older I get, the more awkward it becomes to buy cereals with cartoon characters all over the cover of the box. I can’t imagine what other people at the grocery store think when they see a 24 year old with a shopping cart full of cartoon rabbits, birds, and The Flintstones. 359 more words


Fiber One and Chobani Breakfast

 Good morning everyone!

This morning I woke up a little late (I stayed up watching Man of Steal) so I had a brunch this morning. I usually don’t eat a whole lot as it is and this filled me up really fast. 51 more words