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Digging to a depth of 1,000 meters last year, French scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 1,000 years.  The French came to the conclusion  that their ancestors had a telephone network centuries ago. 85 more words

The iPhone 6 arrives

The iPhone 5S is a success and finally 5C began taking market share. It is now time to think about the next smartphone brand at Apple: the iPhone 6. 738 more words


Fibertech Networks Completes Initial Rings in Detroit

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The Rochester, N.Y.-based fiber optic broadband provider Fibertech Networks has completed its initial phase of building out more than 800 miles of fiber optic infrastructure in Southeastern Michigan. 216 more words


Active Optical Networks vs. Passive Optical Networks for Next-Gen ITS

Mainstream network models for ITS have traditionally utilized switch/router Ethernet technologies to manage communications between the core and the edge. “Active Optical Networks (AON)”, as the naming indicates, deploy “active” network management devices within the system architecture to facilitate network management capabilities. 827 more words


2014 Project 365, Day 232: PLDT Home Fibr

Photo #232: August 20

Apparently, PLDT has started “FIBR-ing” homes since June (or earlier) and our street was scheduled to be “FIBR-ed” today. No need for a router to enable WiFi! 10 more words

Municipal fiber deployment: create jobs, ignore consumer benefits

Fiber optics are the fastest form of transmitting data. Every scientist in the universe would acknowledge this as truth. There is no form of matter that can physically move faster than light. 533 more words

Choosing the Right Alarm Company for You

In this day and age we have the ability to review products online and
choose the right one for us. We also do the same when it comes to a… 224 more words

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