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Fermentation or Suent method

I’m all about fermentation or many things, sugar – corn – berries – GRAPES – anything really…. but fermenting wool?

With washing the volume of raw wool that I work with on a yearly basis, I do not understand how I have no been doing this. 663 more words

Part Three: My Yarn Needs Some Discipline!

OK, I’ve kept you waiting long enough.  The secret to setting the twist is to wash the spun yarn.  It’s as simple as that.  I just place each hank in a pan of warm water with a little fiber rinse solution and make sure it is thoroughly wet. 239 more words


Little Shaft is rooing too, it turns out.

He’s just rooing from the neck out, which is hard to keep clean, plus he loves bramble more, so it’s harder to pull usable wool from him.   369 more words


Not quite how I was expecting to get some wool to work

Bucky is rooing like crazy, so we might not get to shear him after all, but instead end up with a giant pile of hanks that have to be turned into something higher-value or tossed in the old compost heap. 46 more words