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Tempeh: curious use of soy

Tempeh is a fermented protein food derived from yellow soybeans, very popular in other countries of south-east Asia, especially in Indonesia.  To produce the tempeh is necessary to partially cook the soybeans; than proceeds with the addition of vinegar and then with the inoculation of fermenting microorganisms. 53 more words


Flaxseed oil - a magic elixir for health and beauty!

Flaxseed oil is a natural product, which is obtained by cold pressed. The healing qualities of the oil will not be lost.

The Lignans (a group of chemical compounds found in plant-based foods including Flaxseeds, Sesame, Pumpkin seeds, and Rye. 791 more words


CleverEve Tungsten Nation 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring w/ 4mm Black & Orange-Red Carbon Fiber Center Inlay (Size 8 to 12)

CleverEve’s Tungsten Nation Series tungsten rings are of the finest quality and designed with fashion and durability in mind. CleverEve’s goal is to provide outstanding quality jewelry at everyday prices. 119 more words

Shearing Day

Shearing Day is an annual event of great importance for the alpaca owner. After all, alpacas are bred for their fiber. Managing the flow of shearing can be difficult if you have many animals. 143 more words

Are all calories equal?

Since we were children, we’ve been taught that weight loss comes down to the simple idea of “calories in versus calories out.” This equation is simple and easy to understand. 718 more words


How To: Wash Your Hair 1-2 Times Per Week

Washing your hair everyday is not good for it! Your hair is a fiber, and washing it everyday will damage and weaken it, especially since a lot of shampoos strip your hair of the natural oils and proteins that make your hair strong, thick, shiny, and wonderful! 308 more words