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If you used the mindful eating tips I’ve mentioned in the past, chances are you’ll have leftovers.Sometimes, that’s the best part of the entire meal. So when its time, make sure you heat the up-safely: 90 more words

Google corrects typo

I reported the Google typo yesterday and it has been fixed now, Mbps it is. No change to their “free” tier of service though, so 5Mbps it is. 125 more words


The Making of a Healthy Backbone: Malawi and e-health

Information and communication technology has become a first order necessity, just behind access to water, electricity, and sanitation. Therefore it is no surprise that governments across Africa are undertaking ambitious infrastructure projects known as… 679 more words

Best Explanation (IMHO) of Wollen & Worsted Spinning

I came across it here (thank you Gabriela Kos!).

The accompanying photos are on her Flicker page (begin here and click the left arrow). 27 more words


What Your Poop's Trying to Tell You

Excellent series on what your poop says about your health.  Clear message for a lot of this,  drink more water, eat more fruits/veggies



Global Fiber Optic Power Meters Industry 2014 Market Research Report - QY Research

Research Report on Global Fiber Optic Power Meters Industry 2014 Market Research Report. The Report includes market price, demand, trends, size, Share, Growth, Forecast, Analysis & Overview. 78 more words


:: Cukupi Asupan Serat Untuk Jaga Berat Badan Ideal ::

Sebuah penelitian terbaru mengungkap serat tertentu yang terkandung dalam makanan seperti sereal dan minuman dapat menyebabkan pergeseran bakteri dalam usus sehingga membantu mengurangi berat badan. 184 more words

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