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Crocheter: I believe yarn is one of the more undervalued methods of therapy.

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Alcatel-Lucent Sets New World Record

Alcatel-Lucent sets new world record broadband speed of 10 Gbps for transmission of data over traditional copper telephone lines

Bell Labs prototype technology also demonstrates potential for 1 Gbps symmetrical services, paving the way for fiber-speed services where fiber cannot be deployed all the way to the premises. 550 more words

How Well Do You Know Your Fiber Requirements? Take Our Quiz and Find Out...

Are you eating enough fiber?

That’s a question most of us have heard before, especially during a trip to the doctor’s office, or during visits with our parents and grandparents. 786 more words


5 Reasons You Should Eat Quinoa

There this cute little grain called quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) that is all the rage.  The question is…why?  What is so great about these little seed looking things and why are they so good for me?  284 more words

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Rye: rich grain of the poor

Rye (Secale cereale) is a plant of the Gramineae, a mountain of cereal that fits well at high altitudes and is resistant to cold climates; grows in difficult terrain and poor (steppe, heath) and mature quickly. 231 more words


Pureed Whole Grain Pancakes

All of my pureed diet recipes must pass a taste test.  I feel, if I won’t eat it, why would anyone else?  I sampled this recipe and it a tasted like an amped up Cream of Wheat.  172 more words

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