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Let's talk about Fibers...

In the next few days, I want to make a post about the fibers that I currently have in my supply and how they felt.  Today, we are just going to chat about Tussah Silk. 271 more words

Tussah Silk

Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status

by Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor

It sounds like something from a bad sci-fi movie. People report the sensation of creatures crawling under their skin, mysterious moving fibers appear, and finally bugs and worms pop out. 1,832 more words

34 of 42: Tour de Fleece

Tour de Fleece

On July 5th, the Tour de France bicycle race began. It is a month long race featuring the beautiful scenery of France. For yarn spinners, the… 356 more words

Kayle Karbowski - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Briefly describe the work you do.

I create cultural tableaus out of various materials and processes, from embroideries to videos to larger scale installations that isolate and attempt to reveal some of the power structures that affect our daily lives and decisions. 1,330 more words


If you know me at all (or at least the artist in me) you know about my complete disregard for planning. I like to ‘wing it’. 78 more words


Simplicity summer beach dress in semi sheer fibers stretch Locating

Beach wedding dresses are typically much shorter than traditional dresses. You are expected to run in the sand barefoot while wearing the dress so it definitely cannot be too restricting. 298 more words