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I remember this moment

I took a similar picture seems like ages ago.
The feeling is good-but also tinged with…. “
Oh my.”


In the U.S. ... Military Planes Caught Dumping Mysterious Fibers, lab tests confirm “metals”

18 Dec 2014  Here we have two women in the U.S. who reported today the sightings of long fibers falling from the sky. Their sightings are identical to fibers I saw on 1 May 2014 in Marton. 522 more words


Stephanie Says...3D Mascara!

LOOK NO FURTHER LADIES!!!! I have found THE BEST mascara that is going to blow your mind! This mascara makes you look like you have falsies on but really don’t! 234 more words



German squirrels have tufty years. It is frankly adorable.


Putting together a list of symbiotic binaries to check for coverage with gphoton. I’m hoping it is a fast way to keep an eye on data coming in. 32 more words


Grounded on and Breathing the Smell of Coffee

This particular carpet is good to walk on,

even though I forgot to vacuum it

this week. I can still see the dark green fibers, 43 more words


All Dressed up in Milk

I know what you’re thinking, people don’t wear milk for clothing.  And while you may be absolutely correct (you try wearing a milk suit) there is a way,  The new (or not very publicized) textile, Qmilk! 203 more words

Eco Businesses

Woven Fibers

This page is about weaving your own spun yarn into a useable fiber.

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