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Chalk Talk Video – The Software Defined Data Center Needs Next Generation Storage Networks

Fibre Channel – The Next Generation

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As we discuss in our video “Fibre Channel – The Next Generation,” organizations are moving beyond simple virtualization and into the software defined center. 609 more words


FC technology use still leads despite Ethernet nipping at its heels

Post by Arun Taneja (thank you)

Some observers have predicted the demise of Fibre Channel (FC) technology for years, but no networking tech has risen above it for mission-critical applications. 40 more words


A Simple Example...With Finite Buffers

As load increases on a service center, in the case of our earlier example – a fibre channel port, queues of requests form. These queues are held in the buffers of the port. 266 more words


A Simple Example

Given that the title of this blog is derived from Queuing notation, I thought it might be appropriate to begin with a post dealing with a simple application of Queuing Theory. 312 more words


Fibre Channel: The Heart of New SDN Solutions

From Juniper to Cisco to VMware, companies are spouting up new SDN solutions. Juniper’s Contrail, Cisco’s ACI, VMware’s NSX, and more are all vying to be the next generation of data center networking. 315 more words


Gen 6 Fibre Channel will work with what you have – Podcast

It won’t be long until Gen 6 Fibre Channel will be available for your data center. George Crump and I talk to the FCIA’s Scott Shimomura about Gen 6 and how it can scale with what you already have.


Powershell - Set storage LUN multipath policy on VMWare Hosts

Setting the multipath policy on ESXi hosts can be long process as it must be configured on every LUN on every host. If one has a lot of storage LUNs used by hosts/VMs this can quickly become a huge amount of tedious and repetitive work. 613 more words