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Anybody Home?

Me (to my brain): “Hello? Is anybody home?”                                                                                                                                                                                   Brain: “Sorry, I am experiencing technical difficulties right now. Please try back later.”                                                                                                         Me: “When would be a good time?”                                                                                                                                                                                                     Brain: “… …. 556 more words


FibroGuide Resource

Thanks to Seeking Equilibrium, I discovered FibroGuide. FibroGuide has a modules with great information for those newly diagnosed and those of us who have had fibromyalgia for what feels like forever. 120 more words



I had my skepticism about therapy. It remains, mostly as the sessions unravel.

And not just psychodynamic therapy. But group pyschodynamic therapy. (Forgive me if I spell one of the ‘therapies’ wrongly. 320 more words


{MK} I just went to make a cup of coffee.

I got my sachet out of the box, gave it a good shake. Tear along the top and I noticed it was particularly wet on my thumb.

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Brain Fog

Weather Front On The Way

My phone scared the crap out of me today. I don’t know if it is an iPhone thing or a AT&T thing, but that little sucker has a LOUD buzzer on it for weather alerts. 335 more words

Swept Off my Feet

As Autumn’s leaves fall the urge to clean sweep begins – in fury hasty lest Winter’s untimely arrival knock on the door.

Messy? Messy? I don’t “do” messy – ever. 425 more words

Daily Prompt

Stalking Tiger: Depression and Anxiety

I haven’t written about The Tiger in quite a while.  I’m sure that it shows up in my writing on occasion, especially in my more passionate posts.   1,630 more words