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For Fun/Support: Memes the word! ;)

Brain fog..What day is it again?! (checking every half hour) How long ago did the weekend happen? Oh wow, it was just yesterday!!! What did I do this morning and what am I supposed to be doing today and this week? 238 more words

Just For Fun (awareness too): Brain fog video

I know if you have “brain fog” you can relate! Haha ;) (Sometimes this shows up and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know what the deal is but you can click on the links.)

Brain Fog

Fibro-Blog Day 20 Oily decisions

I got a few recommendations for fibro-fog:

One was LLV supplements, which I’m already taking.

Two was In Tune — which I don’t actually have yet, but it’s 10% off this month, so perhaps I should jump on that! 89 more words

Natural Health

Through the Fog

I’ve been feeling mostly good for a while…hence the lack of blog posts. I’ve also been working on a novel again, which leaves me with little time for other writing. 536 more words

Fibro Blog Day 18 -- Fibro Fog sets in

The brain fog has been really bad lately. Perhaps it’s because I notice it so much more now that I have a lot of my other symptoms under control. 184 more words

Natural Health

Get Up, Get Going: Mornings with Fibromyalgia

Waking up in the morning is one of the worst things. I know that as soon as I reach a level of consciousness, I’m going to be in pain. 261 more words

I'm not faking

I figured the best place to start is the beginning.

It was a blustery winter morning in January…just kidding, I won’t be that boring or dramatic. 252 more words