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Fibroid-Freedom-Fighters (FFF)!

Doesn’t that just sound cool FFF?!  I laugh because I want to make a t-shirt out of it and then the acronym is kind of ironic since FFF when read, just really makes me to yellnF*CK! 766 more words

The Wisdom of Rebecca

“Is that why you haven’t had children, then?” I asked.

“What?” Rebecca looked up in confusion. She had just finished giving me an account of her particular maladies of the feminine persuasion, and she appeared confused by my query. 282 more words


Power Morcellators, the FDA, and You

One of the scariest things about having surgery is that you don’t have any control over what happens, and technically, neither does your doctor. Though everything may seem fine on x-rays or MRIs, on any given procedure, you could be opened up to have the doctor find more of a problem that they expected, or a problem they weren’t anticipating at all..   851 more words


Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-29-13 Hour 2

Presentation: How to best use RnA Drops for digestive challenges; testimonial about products by Lynn Foutch, former Olympic athlete and current alignment trainer ; how to use ReAline; testimonial about topical use of ReNew for swollen prostate ; sleep changes with RnA Drops; testimonial about improving golf swing ; lumpy breasts and fibroids; diabetes; how to increase magnesium intake; diabetes testimonial … 105 more words


Post-Op Day 8

So yesterday was Day #8. I’ve resigned to taking Percocet for bed time relief with no medication during the day, but that doesn’t come without its cost. 297 more words

The Surgery-Part Four: Recovery

The final installment of the “series”: The after party….I mean aftermath!

For me, the 24 hours immediately following my surgery was a bit blurry. I still had all types of sedatives and anesthesia in my body, plus some percocet. 1,193 more words