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Fibroids - How do they affect your life?

Women who weigh over 70 kg are at a higher risk of having fibroids; this is usually due to the fact that they have higher levels of the oestrogen hormone. 295 more words


Fibroids - What are they and Where are they?

When females hear the word fibroids, other concepts such as cancer, pain, barren and agony comes to mind. For generations black women have been suffering more from this disease than any other women, in any other racial group. 293 more words


Fibroids - You mean that's a fibroid and not all fat?

You mean that’s a fibroid and not all fat?

If I had known it was the darn fibroids, I would have quit the ab workouts years ago. 278 more words


Fibroids - Waking up to my Alien Assassins

Ugh, its so uncomfortable trying to sleep when this alien assassin fibroids, in my body, is swollen. Its been two days and I am still experiencing severe discomfort from the bloating. 296 more words


Fibroids - Muscle Cramps and Poor Circulation

Muscle cramps are nothing new to me. Though, these recent episodes were too frequent to be ignored. These muscle contract, leg cramps or muscle cramps… 533 more words


Fibroids - Rolling, Kicking and Screaming

December 2013, a month I am sure never to forget for several reasons. One of them being the alien assassins that reside in my womb; little tumors called… 578 more words


Recovering From A Hysterectomy

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m in bed recovering from a robotic hysterectomy; surgery was on Thursday and initially the surgeon and I were under the belief I was only suffering from uterine… 582 more words