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-I have one sick kiddo on the bed.  Even when they move out of their teens they still seem to like the care mom can give them.  464 more words

Family Life

On Grief: 48 Hours After Diagnosis

2 years and 10 months ago, to the day, I woke up in pain. Not a headache, not a little soreness, but a pain that racked my body such that I spent the next 3 weeks laying on my living room floor desperately watching every episode of Friends and Gilmore Girls to distract myself from my fear and agony. 963 more words

Empathy And Compassion

Product Review: Axon Optics Glasses

It has been a while since I won a pair of sunglasses from Axon Optics and Michael Fernandez at MigraineDiscussions.com. This company makes glasses for migraine sufferers or for anyone with a sensitivity to light such as someone who is at a computer screen all day. 508 more words

Chronic Pain

The Traveling Swing Play Set

In 1998, the eldest daughter purchased and had this swing play set erected in her backyard.  I said, “Oh, this is great for the grands.  Little did I know how much happiness and joy this swing play set would open my life up to. 404 more words

How I See It Now...

July 30, 2014

Before Now

I always thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life, like what kind of job and so forth… But what I think my life should be; may not be the way it’s suppose to be. 270 more words


Please Help Me Achieve Bikram Yoga Teacher Training


Help me break out of the cycle of chronic pain syndrome and fibromyalgia and attain my goal of attending Bikram Yoga Teacher Training.

I have practised  Bikram Yoga since 2009 as the primary pain management strategy  for my diagnosed fibromyalgia and have made excellent, slow but steady progress.   244 more words

Bikram Yoga