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Life is like a Box of Crayons

No matter your age there is nothing quite like opening a box of new crayons and spend time enhancing the pages of a new coloring book. 448 more words


Yeah……..it’s hit me!

The unusual ‘exertions’ of the last few days has left my body aching with an unpleasant throb of hurtiness :-(

I lay down to sleep last night, stretched to try and ease the solidified muscle in my left hip, and sent the whole of that side of my back into spasm. 215 more words

General Chaos

Vibrating.. you Know you do.... My Theory...

Vibrating.  I am constantly doing it now.  I have been since the fibromyalgia got worse.  Here’s the thing, though..  I have given it a lot of thought.   572 more words


Holidays with a Chronically Ill Spouse

I wrote this back in 2011 and posted it to Facebook when I decided that I was going to take hold of how we celebrate the holidays in our house. 919 more words


One Year

Its been more than a year since I wrote.

In a year, a lot has changed.

And not for the better.

Last October my relationship of 4.5 years ended. 764 more words