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A Connection Between Food Sensitivity and Fibromyalgia?

Most everyone has an allergy to something, and mine is to shrimp. If I get raw shrimp on my skin I immediately develop a rash, swelling, itching, and hives. 1,020 more words


A sweary reflection

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve started my PhD. It’s been, well, mostly good. The panicking, the crying, and the sense of despair have been balanced by the joy of good feedback, a sense of achievement, and above all, doing what I actually love, even when I bitch like hell about it. 921 more words


Why Neurological Disorders Affect Organization

Neurological conditions come in all shapes and forms. They include Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and fibromyalgia, to name a few. One thing many neurological disorders have in common is cognitive dysfunction. 471 more words



Ahh, kept forgetting about this one.

Fascinating and completely ground breaking that a man paralysed has had the feel then use is his legs returned to him. 137 more words

About me

I am Amy,

I am a young adult who is currently battling with fibromyalgia, the symptoms started in 2012 when my legs and knees would ache. 89 more words

Chronic Pain