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A Razor’s Use: A Monologue in Parts.

Kelly sits on a couch as if she’s talking to a therapist.

That first time I tried, I sat on the floor of the bathroom with a razor in my hand. 948 more words

How Much Do You Think A Book Is Worth?

It’s a widely debated issue, I’ve learned. How much are readers willing to pay for a book?

There doesn’t seem to be a solid answer, though there are trends. 398 more words


Wildcard Wednesday for AUGUST: The "Get Discovered" Edition

Surprise!  It’s that time again.

This time, however, there’s a little twist! This time, WCW participants have a chance at having their stories appear in an upcoming anthology! 501 more words


Things To Do The Day You Die (A story in the form of a list):

Here is what I do the morning of the day I’m going to die:


  • I pull over my faded Obey shirt and throw it on the ground as I make my way to my boyfriend’s parent’s bathroom…
  • 802 more words

Thrill Kill

The Osbeck boys were born into an aristocratic family. Their father, a successful lawyer, was dearly remembered for both the company, and the advice he had left his two sons.

105 more words

Guardian - Five Sentence Fiction


Alannah is luminous.

I mean literally, not figuratively.

Oh, your eyebrows might rise and your lip might curl in disbelief, but you’ve not met her, have you? 107 more words

Creative Writing

A must read! The Night Porter by Mark Barry!

When I happened upon this book on sale today I had to share it with you! I read it a few months ago, and it’s still with me today! 305 more words