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Magnifica: Tears of the Fallen



“Ariel, what is it? What has happened? Our world…”

“Oh my God… why… this was not supposed to happen!” 2,549 more words


Crown of Midnight By Sarah J Maas

Celaena Sardothien, Royal assassin, is the King of Adarlan’s deadliest weapon.  She must wing her freedom through his enemies’ blood – but she cannot bear to kill for the crown.  

246 more words

Thought of the Week: Now That I'm Published…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had much to say here, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been through one of the worst summers in recent memory in terms of battling my depression and possible bipolar diagnosis, and it’s been a daily struggle to even get out of bed. 707 more words


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Hi all, wanted to give you the chance to take a look at another newcomer to the published author scene. Please take a few minutes from reading through Magnifica ;) to check this out!

Character Complexes

Developing a great character can add to… and in some cases save a story. However in almost every movie or book, certain characters always fall into different archetypal roles. 1,236 more words



I heard someone talk about this a while back and I 100% agree with the thought process here. When you begin writing, the first step in creating the world that you’re setting your characters down in is to determine what can happen and what can not happen. 754 more words


James Harrington's Magnifica: The Last Enchanter, Chapter 1


“I don’t know about this, sister. Are you sure?”

“Yes Roselyn, their story needs to be told.”

“I doubt many will believe us.”

“I know that, but we owe our friends as much. 1,896 more words


Magnifica's Characters

So I thought I’d give you all a chance to become familiar with the characters in the story for those of you who have not yet had a chance to pick it up. 535 more words