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DUST OF THE DEAD now available for Pre-Order!

The day has come! I’m thrilled to announce that DUST OF THE DEAD is now available for Pre-order. I sure hope folks find the book and enjoy reading it. 239 more words


Stream of [un] consciousness

I dreamt last night of letters written, but while I read the fear of losing those strings of careful sentences rendered reading lucid. Instead of flight I remained there in my bed coldly wondering whose mind those words could be ascribed to, and would I be able to get them back come morning. 953 more words


The Nature Of Betrayal

“Those wide, wide eyes gazed in his direction,


The same way

Mine once did.


They shared a love of Blues music

And discontent

At the failing of the environment today… 168 more words

Creative Writing

Heir to the Senses: Episode Six

The next morning, a brisk chill swept through the valley where Asp was camped.  She awoke with her extremities icy cold.  The camp fire had gone out sometime in the night and her blanket was missing. 678 more words

Creative Writing

Phantasmagoria Ramblings

4:13 AM: Insomnia, enter stage right.


I am incessantly drawn to the dark ones. Maybe its my own twisted past that pulls me to them— the lure of a kindred spirit, perhaps, someone who would understand… or maybe expect. 373 more words


Week 4: Dribble, Dribble, Shoot

“Sports is human life in microcosm. ~Howard Cosell

The man knew he was talking about. There’s something about sports that brings out the real animal in all of us, those real desires, the competitiveness, the desire to prove something–you know, that thing called character. 635 more words


How to Kill Snails and Slugs

The words hit me with the shiver of a cold Cincinnati night. Cracked over my head like an egg into the cast-iron skillet of our breakfast, slithering down the sides by my ears, cold and wet. 872 more words