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the Fickle man
For here we stand
with plans built upon the Future
our thoughts drawn to the Past
and eyes stuck here in the Present… 187 more words



aesthetics that make others feel comfortable.

socially accepted.

mould yourself. fit into the expectations.

replace your face, wear your mask. don’t make it permanent though. 127 more words

Curious Fickle Society

‘Tis a curious thing, society.

How a woman was thought of as

Being possessed of great passions

Unequal to any a rational being such as… 68 more words


Last Sunday in church, I was struck afresh with the realization of how fickle people can be. From ancient times until now, people haven’t changed. 452 more words



I swore in the shower,
To write no more poetry.
My oath held but an hour,
‘Til my hand turned to coquetry.

Poetry And Verse


Hot or cold, but that gets old
Tell me who I am, cause I don’t seem to transcend
Beyond those cramped spaces in my brain… 33 more words

Do we find True Love at first sight?

I never really bought the idea of “finding love.” It’s
closely tied with the idea of love at first sight. You
meet someone and you fall in love, hence finding the… 1,100 more words

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