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I warned you

Fair is my love, but not so fair as fickle

I warned you about my fickleness and I am sad to say that it took hold for most of the summer!

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The Evolution of A Mean Girl

Candy and Brandie sit in the corner,
They whisper and they giggle,
And who knows if they’ll say hello to me,
They really are so fickle. 55 more words


The Small Things in Life

Some days will be great. Others to be honest will suck and if you are anything like me you are so fickle you cannot decide what you want. 1,076 more words


World Cup 2014 - Round Up

Sorry for a little bit of inactivity over the last week or so. Been trying to catch up on work and get watching as many of the World Cup games as possible. 754 more words

laughing at fickle

what made one be taken so serious

and whom was the writer

and whom was the sense

and how it all played

and stayed and pinpoint… 56 more words


Haiku #37


You’re thoughts of me are
Like the moon fickle faces
God dispensing joy


Stop & Smell The Freaking Flowers

The past few weeks have been — honest to god — a very, very big blur.

It’s really weird when you can see yourself just — change. 601 more words