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The Moon Dance

I want a cigarette. She swayed clumsily and plopped herself down onto her apartment building steps. Two beat-up Hondas flashed by, blasting a mix of Meek Mill and old school Biggie as people drunkenly headed home or to their usual booty calls. 1,999 more words


Chapter 11- Red velvet

Carriage B is warm for a change. I slide into an airline style, window seat, facing frontwards.  I want to be alone and enjoy this warm sensation swirling through my body.  1,772 more words


Part 75: Luke, Bella, & Nathan

“You are getting this, right?” Bella asked Luke.

“Way ahead of you, m’lady,” Luke answered, training his lens on Nathan and his new friend.  They were dusting themselves off and chatting amiably. 812 more words


Siblings and Snippets: 2

“And you are a…”

“Student. I double in political science and business.” She said. “But I have an internship at Ravencorp in the summers.” Lane added very quickly. 471 more words


A Nightmare

This is the first piece of fiction posted by myself and by no means is it perfect. I literally wanted to post something, but had nothing prepared so I had a look through my earlier work and found this.  717 more words


My Diary

I had a lay in on the bed of a circular saw (three thousand, seven hundred revolutions a minute), frantically trying to recall the shreds of the dreams I had just had. 114 more words


The Paper, "Fairy-tales and Dust" (Part 8)

The 3 hour flight from Orlando to New York was uneventful, giving me plenty of time to think.

Naturally my thoughts were on my childhood and my re-discovered brother. 985 more words