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Eustace Wagner

Day 29: You are at a cemetery reading gravestones.  Write about one of the people you find.

Second to Last Day of Vaycay: It’s storming. … 311 more words

Grace Literate

Better Off Dead ...

She rolled through the hills letting the Earth envelope her in its ecstasy, weaving through the seams of wheat and tufts of grass. A freedom this exhilarating had never laid its hand on another individual as it had with her. 553 more words

Short Story

Paid For

It was three days later, while Xand was tending to and being tended by the gaunt, pale, exhausted Master Tynan, that a courier from Master Jack arrived. 321 more words


A walk back to sanity

Rohini couldn’t take her eyes off her reflection. Was this really her- Rohini Sankar , the fifty six years old retired school teacher?

She had never before looked so gorgeous. 1,742 more words


Blue Bantlee: My Very First Writing Passion

When I was seventeen, I worked at this farm store here in my home town. It was part time and I worked in the automotive department, which I used to hate, but with the job I have now I’m still in that area, selling tires to semi drivers and all that. 606 more words


Gold Stars and Red Glitter

            The Lewis family was a happy family. They lived in a simple house, on a street lined with large oak trees that cast cooling shadows over the front lawn, in the beautiful town of Westville. 937 more words

The Theme Challenge

Chapter 2 - He Was Such a Promising Young Man/The Demon Awakens (First Novel)

So this is what I am thinking of for chapter 2 of my novel. I am concerned that it may be too short but it just seems to flow right for me. 1,188 more words