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Great Free Resource for Crime Writers

I was browsing one of the forums relating to murder/thriller authors and one of the members there provided information about a great resource called “The Physical Evidence Handbook”.  39 more words


Zombie anthology release.

Just in time for Halloween, Witty Bard Publications announced the release today of their 2014 collection.
My story, Juggling Memories, about the un-dead return of Babboo The Magnificent is included. 9 more words


Fletcher the Scaler

I’ve been working on this boat my whole damn life. Sixty years of nettin’, scalin’, and sellin,’ I know the whole damn sea as if I were one of them damn fish myself. 4,832 more words


The Wizard of Suomen, Chapter Twenty-Three

(Full scenes in italics are flashbacks.)

Chapter Twenty-Three:

What??” Maryana knew that she was gaping openly at King Otso, who narrowed his eyes at her, beginning to frown. 5,255 more words

Title: The Wizard Of Suomen

My Diary

I raced out of the front door with mountain bike earrings. I picked up a plain brown envelope of flying saucers for the dog’s forbidden planet and crash landed in my studio after orbiting the town centre playing a Moog synthesizer like a million monkeys accidentally typing the entire works of Shakespeare. 84 more words


10-Minute Prompts -12 Out of work

Prompt: Three years is a long time to be out of work


It’s getting harder to make the minimum payment on the credit cards every month. 307 more words



Shari Davidoff made a quick glance at her watch before pushing the buzzer on Madame Rudziński’s door.

Twelve minutes past five. She had been warned all week about the importance of punctuality, how arriving even one minute past five would be perceived as an insult. 4,744 more words