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Review: Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby

Completed for the 2014 TBR Pile Challenge.

I had it in my 2013 Challenge list. However, due to other books taking priority, and maybe due to the fact that this one didn’t really grab me as much as some of my other 2013 titles (11/22/63, anyone?), I never got around to reading it. 519 more words

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Sakura at Suijo Koen 4-6-14

Spring is here at last! One of the first signs of Spring here in Japan, and one of the most cherished, is the blooming of Sakura ( 145 more words

The Fact of Life in regards to Time

I can’t listen to music without thinking of you. Every word, phrasing and chorus reminds me in some part of you. Rhythms take the shape of your body as it fills the vacant space you left behind. 178 more words


If the Good Lord's Willing, Part Three

Herewith is the continuing narrative of my latest serial short story, concocted from one of my songs.

Red frowned when he heard the sound of a country band, really more like a rock band playing country songs, from outside. 599 more words


The Ride

“I can’t believe we are actually taking a vacation without the kids. It’s nice to get out of the house though; it seems so empty since they’ve all moved out.” Mary remarked as she thumbed through a brochure advertising all the scenic escapes that Vermont has to offer. 1,930 more words

Short Story

Redemption Song

“Awesome, that sounds awesome.” says the sound guy, taking off his headphones. That’s what the sound guy always says. He strums out a couple of chords. 1,426 more words



the withering man, part 14

You can only understand that which hunts you when you can smell the hunger in its breath. When you can lick the adrenaline-laced sweat off its forehead. 2,314 more words