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Halloween Shorts 2014: "Grade School History Assignment" by Adam C. Uzialko

By Adam C. Uzialko

“What number was that?” Larry asked as we crawled past a house nestled between the dense forests of Route 34.

“I think it was 1165,” I mumbled, absolutely certain that it was, indeed, 1165. 4,062 more words


Horrorstör in Time for Halloween

Apropos of the season, I just finished Grady Hendrix’s Horrorstör. I saw this book on display at BEA14 and was lucky enough to snag a review copy from the lovely people at Quirk once it the review date loomed. 292 more words


Undelivered Valentines: Part 2

A thrilling Thursday eventide to you! Here’s the second part of “Undelivered Valentines.” Part I can be reviewed, reread, rehashed, reanimated, or revived here. I had hoped this part would be a tad shorter, but it says what it needed to, I think. 2,297 more words


Chapter 049: Serious relationship stuff

Recap: It’s Saturday, and Annabelle’s parents have invited Lyle and Annabelle for dinner. In the last chapter, Annabelle made four pies, a pan of brownies and a cheesy-potato casserole to bring. 1,386 more words



One heartbeat
oh god,please don’t let it hear me…
two heartbeats
its so close I can damn near feel it breathing on me!
three heartbeats… 100 more words


Pleasuring the Collective Unconscious: A review of Chuck Palahniuk's Beautiful You

I’ll start with a confession: This review has come along sluggishly. Time I’ve set aside for writing has instead been frittered away on mindless online gaming. 577 more words