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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer [Book Review]

Have you ever been so angry at a person that you killed them inside your head? Have you ever possessed so much loathing for someone that you imagined choking them, stabbing them straight to the heart and other dreadful ways to destroy them? 698 more words


Glimmer of hope

Clutching the glimmer of hope, he waited only to be accused again by her.

After the usual drama, he said, “I have two things to tell you”. 47 more words


My Diary

For the third night in a row I didn’t sleep. The vampire who lives in the boarded up house on the edge of town was parading around the garden holding a candy pink parasol. 103 more words



Life is too short, short to fall in love, get over it and even for re-creating what we loved.

So just when I was deciding to get going with the stab of realistic prospect of life, I collided. 711 more words


The Countdown Logs, Part 2 - Duties and Responsibilities

The Countdown Logs
Part 2: Duties and Responsibilities

Two years ago I was making the move away from covert ops. What were then recent events had triggered a number of changes to both the practicalities and what I wanted for my professional and private life. 1,102 more words


The Childe and the Sand King

In a dome tent in the broken wasteland, two women sat in companionable silence, while outside the wind demons howled and raved.
The first woman was an ancient, gnarled looking creature, draped in a green-and-violet robe that was several sizes too large for her. 2,077 more words

Action Fantasy