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A Man Called Ove: How to tell if the book you're reading is sentimental crap. Or if you are cruel and unfeeling.

I’m a graduate of a PhD program in English and Cultural Studies. My training was all about – well, most of the time – explaining why something was bad. 486 more words


The Lockhearts'

My hip bangs against the wooden gate, which creaks resentfully. The pale green paint looks tired and some parts have given up and stripped away completely, leaving ragged wood and a minefield of splinters in its place. 715 more words


Inappropriate Thoughts [Fiction] (23)

Strange clouds were passing overhead. They were black as night providing a stark contrast to the cool blue sky.

– There’s a storm coming.

– To say the least. 107 more words


Understanding the Religion of Solitude

Solitude, a state of being in closest vicinity with one’s own self. Though sounds similar but, there is a subtle difference between solitude and loneliness. While loneliness is something imposed on us by others, we choose to be in solitude. 359 more words


Words No More

Some things are best left unspoken,
When words have no meaning,
To others, but to you, everything.
When they linger in your mind,
Remember they are forever yours, 7 more words


Part 24: Luke & Bella

After they’d finished breakfast, Luke and Bella headed out into the morning to find the perfect location for their last shots of Edinburgh.  When they arrived at Princes Street Gardens, Bella knew Luke was right—it was exactly the right spot.  1,288 more words


Stretch of mind

It is believed that art and reality should live quietly side by side, never interfering with each other.

Art creates vision of things that do not exist. 158 more words

Opinion Pieces