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Final Thoughts on Anthony Marra’s A Constellation of Vital Phenomena         

My first thought of reflection when I finished this book was “Good.  Now I have something to post about tonight, and I can put this book on the shelf.”  This was quite an enjoyable book, but by the end of it I was sick of it.  871 more words

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A TASTE OF BLOOD WINE by Freda Warrington

I knew Freda Warrington from The Court of the Midnight King, a story of Richard III set in a somewhat alternative 15th Century England (along with a soupçon of time-slip – just my cup of tea), but for some reason I had never come across this wonderful series of vampire novels. 653 more words

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This week's new arrivals

I am having a feeling of hopelessness about A Constellation of Vital Phenomena.  I had wanted to have it finished and post a final thoughts on it.  522 more words

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Progress Report on Anthony Marra's A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

Okay, now I feel like I’ve read enough of this book to do a proper post about it.  A Constellation of Vital Phenomena came to me by way of Powell’s Indiespensible last year.  1,132 more words

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Dark Aemilia

Sally O’Reilly’s novel Dark Aemilia follows self-proclaimed court whore Aemilia Bassano through nineteen years of her life during the last years of Elizabeth I’s reign and the beginning of the reign of James VI and 1. 342 more words

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Irish short stories

Disclaimer: I know nothing about Irish fiction as a taught subject. This is the first time I’ve read any, apart from a bit of James Joyce and Molly Keane.   824 more words

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The Islands of Doctor Thomas, by Francoise Enguehard

This slim novel, set mostly in the French islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon off Newfoundland’s south coast, tells the story of a collection of decades-old photographs taken by a doctor who came to the islands in the early 1900s and used his camera to record the life of the community he saw around him. 192 more words

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