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Stretching Out: Trying Different Forms and Genres

What makes April PAD/NaPoWriMo challenging is writing a new poem every day. Making time for writing on a regular basis is already difficult for most people! 782 more words

Writing Prompts

Guest Blogger Linda Rodriguez: What Can We Learn From the Century's Bestsellers

What Can We Learn From the Century’s Bestsellers by Linda Rodriguez

Matt Kahn is a blogger with an unusual idea. He is reading the 94 books that have been listed as the year’s bestseller by Publishers Weekly for each year of the 100 years since PW began announcing the bestselling book of each year. 1,184 more words

My Terror of Agile Book People

To me, the mass marketing and money end of writing is the over-ripe cheesy-smelling end. But its time I came to terms with it, pop my head out of my butt where I still exist in some kind of quaint yesteryear of typewriters, fountain pens, Hemingway and Woolf when you could count on five hands those who were… 282 more words


Ma Fée Blanche

I can’t stand the taste of most alcoholic beverages and I hate to throw up, so I shun parties and refuse to go to bars unless there’s no way to get out of it. 489 more words


You can't win if you don't enter

After a run of three small successes with my (unpublished and unagented) novel, whose title Timed Out seems to be becoming ever more resonant, I have done a fair bit of showing off to  friends and  creative writing classmates. 262 more words

Writing And Story Telling

R is for...Research

I wasn’t sure up until about two minutes ago what the R post was going to be about. If you’ve been with me for the entire journey so far on this A-Z blog challenge, you will know from my A post that I started the challenge on a whim with no forethought whatsoever and I chose the theme to tie in with this whole blog which did originally start as a trip through my WIP. 1,132 more words