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S is for "Show, Don't Tell"

My biggest bugaboo as a fiction writer is having to go back and rewrite whole paragraphs, and even whole scenes, because they too often tell, rather than show.  268 more words

A-Z Challenge

What Happened? (Hide & Seek)

In my first exert from the Grand Attraction, Carls had a reality-check when his daughter went missing an he took a pipe to the face–knocking him unconscious. 1,244 more words



Creative writer and author of Life After LifeJill McCorkleexplained that emotions are as simple and primary as a five-pack of crayons. 196 more words

Elon University

Chapter 8...

Consultant, really. Amateur part-time consultant. Private detectives need a lot of licensing, mainly so that their actions will stand up in court if necessary. I’m just a citizen that happens to be pretty good at a few things, and manage to get paid for a couple of them. 273 more words

Hungry with a Full Stomach

Hungry with a Full Stomach


Detective Billy Seward was twenty-six with a ten year old daughter and a ex-husband who wasn’t her girl’s father. 1,522 more words

Fiction Writing

Blackwood Gazette #5: Airship Carrying Fish Crashes into Bank; Special Cleaning Crews Required

It looks like the citizens of lower Crowndon are going to have to cut open their mattresses. A commercial fishing ship crashed into the First Imperial Bank of Crowndon’s lower branch this weekend. 265 more words

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On Writing Fiction: Ideas are hard.

There’s a lot of Mad Libs writing going on in Hollywood. For example, here’s the formula for an action movie:

“ is a loose-cannon that doesn’t play by the rules” WHERE Actor = Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Deisel, etc. 613 more words

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