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What's Your Story? #socialmedia

Today, I had a minor setback. My first instinct– to go and share it on Facebook.

I don’t share much of my private life on my blog, nor on my Facebook or Twitter. 485 more words


Return of the Metablog: 500 words a day

I haven’t written here in months. I’ve been doing some posting on my other blog, but that’s more based on a reflex to react to the news than any writing impulse. 404 more words

Fiction Writing

Unpacking the Details

Those  of us who love to read and write lust for vivid detail. Second only to point of view in importance (one of my writing instructors often said that story is the working out of point of view), details are the lifeblood of fiction. 973 more words


7 Tips for Killing Off Characters in Writing

For as long as there has been literature, there have been character deaths. If that is to emulate the truths of life, in that it ends, or to advance the story, or simply to toy with our emotions, we may never know. 816 more words

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Sapphire Ashes!

 Marriage Could Wait.


Sapphire Ashes is now available on Amazon!

Need something quick  to read? Pick up Sapphire Ashes on Amazon in either paperback or on your Kindle (or Kindle app). 262 more words


The Star Catcher's Son

A gleaming bolt blazed across the midnight sky and, for a moment, illuminated the darkened world. Atop a crumbling spire in the abandoned countryside, the lanky, bespectacled man leaped from his perch. 454 more words

Creative Writing

Skype with me at your risk!

Okay, so I asked James Garcia, Jr., a nice guy and accomplished writer, to read and give me feedback on one of my projects. Jimmy, as he’ll ask you to call him, is an extrovert. 286 more words