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Both (Flash Fiction)

Rose scented perfume coated her skin. Spicy and tangy scent touched his skin.

Both standing before a tall mirror; both looking at their reflections.

She donned her black stilettos. 193 more words

Creative Writing

"The Audience Is The Show"

We cut the theater lights. In the pitch darkness a madman howls, but he’s not on stage. He’s coming through the aisles. He’s up in the balcony. 267 more words


Starving Review: The Tsunami That Reshaped America: A Novel by James W. Mercer

The Tsunami That Reshaped America: A Novel by James W. Mercer (Amazon, Goodreads)

A well-balanced literary diet is important for any lover of literature, even if this Starving Reviewer often has to take whatever he can scrape onto his plate.  865 more words


A Bit Different-page 25

silence again…
“wa-I-are you-” I tried to say but couldn’t.

“And I know you do too..” he said,while walking close to me…(and I couldn’t even move an inch!) 470 more words


Good Night, Mr. Knightley

Toward the end of that summer Ross asked me to marry him. We had spent the spring and summer together more or less brilliantly, and he had simply turned to me one day in the car on the way home and asked matter-of-factly, “If I asked you to marry me, you’d say yes, wouldn’t you?” His sister was thrilled and started making plans, much to Ross’ amusement and my consternation. 1,451 more words


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The Circle by Dave Eggers

A wonderful read, pacy as a thriller and one to make any reader pause and reconsider the digital world.

Reading as a satire on the nature of the ‘free’ online services so many of us use every day, this had me totally hooked. 88 more words



Slowly, the sun peeked over the horizon, scarlet and bulbous, and the warm amber glow of twilight gave way to morning. It was going to be another beautiful day. 202 more words