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Story Prompt: Elephant in the Room

To be honest, we’re not sure how it got in here.

Jenny stares at her tea, putting up the best calm front she can given the circumstances, while Mike and I try to make small talk. 398 more words

Flash Fiction

Special Offers (Coursodon Dimension #1) by M.L. Ryan

Special Offers (Coursodon Dimension #1) by M.L. Ryan is a paranormal fantasy romance story full of humor, adventure and cheeky (sometimes literally) behavior. Hailey Parrish is a plain Jane. 354 more words


Through To You

Through To You by Lauren Barnholdt, Simon Pulse, 2014. ISBN: 9781442434639. Reviewed by, John R. Clark, MLIS.

It started when Harper’s best friend Anna convinces her to put school color tinsel in her hair as an acknowledgment of school pride day. 328 more words


Kiowa Fiction: "Our Dance" a Contemporary Native American Story

I’m an emerging Kiowa/Cherokee writer seeking support as I traverse the many obstacles of the publishing industry. A copy of “Our Dance” is only .99 cents–a small amount for an entertaining story about young Kiowas receiving their “per cap.”  If you purchase the story and you enjoy my writing, leave a great review (five stars) and your generous words will help.  173 more words


Cantaloupe by Greg Letellier

Years after ol’ Georgie boy finally went through with it, you find yourself roaming around his house with a soft-footed step so as not to scare yourself by the wheezing floors as you penetrate the rooms with a kind of feline steadiness you never possessed when you and George were seven and you used to dash down the halls into the parlor because the bulb in your room gave out and your father left John Carpenter’s Halloween II playing in his bedroom while he left to check on the pastrami and sautéed onions in pans on the stove and all you saw, the image that stuck with you, was Michael Myers’ bone-white face taking over the whole screen like a close-up photo of the moon. 444 more words


The Weatherman: Chapter 5

Gina had always hated teleporting. “Churns up a nauseating sensation in the belly!” she always said.
It was no different this time. The only difference there was maybe was the fact that nauseation probably wasn’t her greatest concern at this instant As she landed the eerie valley and the first gush of the frosty wind whiplashed across her face, she noticed that the colour of the sky wasn’t as purple as it used to be. 598 more words



and I feel of sorts odd, and off .  Was up just after 5, but decided to fall back into sleep, so there goes any hope of a streak.  659 more words