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Behind the Book: Hercules's Eighth Labor

Just because Saturday saw the release of The Trials of Hercules: Book One of the Osteria Chronicles (insert raucous cheering), doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon my snarky look into the myths that inspired the book. 550 more words


If you think reading is boring... Tuesday Musings

Over the years I’ve heard a few people say this. They are clearly doing it wrong :p


The Flow

A hollow sphere of gold engraved with the emeralds and diamonds, looking at-as it glittered when the fine light flashes onto it, with layer thick as a grain of sand under it, can’t withstand the pressure though, but shines giving colors onto your eyes. 180 more words


Where Things Come From

Oliver and Krista sat in the living room watching TV after a long day of work.

“Did it ever occur to you, we don’t know where anything comes from any more?” asked Oliver. 233 more words


Word Duel: Badgers

When you buy a house near water you understand you’re taking on certain inherent risks. Floods are more likely, college kids going skinny dipping may occasionally pass out in your irises, the ground will just be generally muddy in the Spring. 363 more words


A Nightmare

This is the first piece of fiction posted by myself and by no means is it perfect. I literally wanted to post something, but had nothing prepared so I had a look through my earlier work and found this.  717 more words


Hell to the R-Words

Kirk Cousins walked a little slower than normal into the R-Words facility, his head bouncing back and forth from one side of his chest to the other.   2,043 more words