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Playing around with book cover


Nothing quite so motivating as playing around with your book cover for a new — in process — novel. From picking the font to selecting the image to writing and re-writing the back cover description — it’s all fun.


“What do you have about your person this fine morn H?”

“Something remarkable Ron – something truly quite remarkable. As you may already know many anthropological experts have long held the view that women originated from Venus whereas their male counterparts heralded from Mars. 348 more words


Edition 2: The Narrow Gate by Daniel Pearlman

Abu Melek enjoys all the priviledges of being a merchant of the Middle East, and why should he not? But he should beware his indolent attitudes, because the desert is all about survival of the fittest and compromising the caravan is not an option.  689 more words


''You son of a bitch'' (The Mother's Sins Episode 30)

”What seems to be the problem, lady?”
”This young boy ate here with his sister. His sister left without paying, and now he too wanted to run away without paying for his meal.”, the waitress told the police officer sounding very irritated about what had just happened. 836 more words


The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga

What is it?

It’s a fictional story about social inequality in India, told in the form of letters from an ex-servant to the Premier of China. 177 more words

Book Recommendations

Edition 2: A Propensity For Violence by Michael Saad

Lieutenant Kellington is on tour in a far away galaxy, trapped in between the two indigenous races and their bitter blood feud. But Kellington has a secret. 12,574 more words


Alex Writes a Book (Kinda...) Part 5: And Now, a Prologue...

Howdy guys, Alex here. I promise, and I deliver. All be it rather late…

Anyway, here’s a prologue for The Pale Man’s War!! Yay. Now I’ve just got to get on with writing the rest of it… 853 more words