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Machine of loving grace

Born without hands, or the ability to speak, he was thought unable to understand because they could not understand him. He worked and studied and created ways for the world to hear him, and when he met her, he knew the machines of his invention would tear her rice paper skin. 46 more words


Have You Viewed as a Household Lift?

Have You Deemed a Property Carry? A new residence elevate will transform the way you take pleasure in your home. With a one,000 pound capability, carrying nearly anything into your property up a stairway will be a issue of the past. 190 more words


Beneath the Fallen Leaves: A Short Story

With the wind blowing outside like this, I can tell it’s going to be a dreary day.  Dreary in the best possible sense, of course, seeing as I love it when the weather is cool, wet, and breezy.   2,749 more words


"Selma" The Movie: History, Race, and The Oscars

For a movie as universally praised – and as well deserving of that praise – as Selma, the film is getting curiously little positive attention lately. 1,211 more words



He dropped her hand, lifting his to his brow. Scanning the horizon, he motioned silently for her to follow him down a sloping path to the beach. 439 more words



heavy fog
the Vampire Vlad
no one walks these days
the modern street lamps burn


© Steve Mitchell 2015


The Red Thread

A red thread twists and intertwines with all around it: cutting through space, tearing apart anything in its path. The ruthless red can’t cut crooks- but it is able to persist. 1,476 more words