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Brimstone and Darkened are Free!

I have been trying to get Amazon to price match my books for the last several months. I don’t know why it took so long. I could probably go into a whole conspiracy theory about how Amazon hates me but that would make me sound like a nutjob so I’ll save that for the voices in my head. 270 more words


Review - The Hit by David Baldacci.

Hi guys and girls! I’ve been AWOL for a while due to an online course that I was taking, but I have now finished it, so normal business shall resume! 228 more words


I'm Back, Bitches!

I have a bad habit of getting on a kick about something, totally engrossing myself in that subject and that subject only, then getting bored with it and putting it down, only to pick up something different soon after. 216 more words


Where do they all belong?

Dandelion finished buttoning her dungarees and plopped herself down on the chair that would only fit sideways-on in the narrow space between her bed and her dressing table. 2,557 more words


A little girl's wish come true... Love Back 3

“Mommy.” Allie woke her mom up at 4am,she was hungry.

Alexis struggled to open her eyes, “Hey angel.” she squinted in the darkness.

“Mommy,I’m hungry.” the little girl complained. 293 more words


the book post: a feast

Hello Thursday post! Today’s topic is ASoIaF related – I haven’t done one of these in a while. I know that the fourth book of the series isn’t the favorite one among fans, but in my case, I really like the book and it is my second favorite after Storms.


Blog Blast - Just Breathe (Broken Series, book 1) by Angela Fattig

Title: Just…Breathe Book 1 The Broken Series

Genre: Erotic Romance

~ Synopsis ~

The nightmares never stop. Love and happiness is just an illusion, a Fairy Tale. 297 more words