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Tumblr 101

With more than 203.4 million blogs and 91.4 billion posts, you would assume that a lot of people would know what tumblr is. However, they do not. 509 more words


It's Real For Us

As anyone part of any fandom knows, there are a lot of people who don’t understand our connections (or obsession) with fictional characters, places, and stories. 276 more words

Book Worm Opinions

Can novels change human nature?

A study by evolutionary psychologists claims that Victorian novels instilled and promoted values that lasted for generations in British readers. The Guardian states that characters like Mr. 107 more words

Friday Fun: Favourite Fictional Pooches

For most of my life I was an only child. I was a typical only child in that I was very independent, often a loner, and had a rich imagination. 1,538 more words


Horror vs. Slice and Dice

I was having a little discussion, as I do, in the comments on this post with my friend Foolsquest on his blog, 642 Things about horror movies and what makes us laugh, and I got to thinking about the horror I write. 331 more words


The Faults in Our Characters (Intro to Clearly Idiots)

I am a person who falls in love with fictional characters on a daily basis. And not just with the impossible men who tug on my heart strings and melt my heart. 286 more words

Fictional Characters

Why Fictional Men Exist(Or otherwise known as how serious this blog will ever be)

I have realized just exactly why I love the fictional characters that I do. They are the perfect man, everyone of them, Rhett, Edward and Christian. 650 more words

Fictional Characters