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Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear, created by author Michael Bond, has made the giant leap from children’s literature to the big screen. Whilst it might be true Americans have little to no knowledge of Paddington, the same cannot be said for people that grew up across the pond. 251 more words


Best Fictional Characters and Why

Alright, ready to hear a shortened version of my favourite characters? :D Great!

1. Lily Evans Potter – literally my role model. I love her with all my heart. 487 more words

Thoughts Floating In My Head


The Clue

What? You upbraid my lack of charity?
Remember, sir, that charity, if true,
is rooted in the truth. Insistently,
I’ve emptied vats of utter truth on you. 82 more words

10 Cartoon Characters You'd Definitely Hook Up With If They Were Real

10. Trent – Daria

Trent is that misunderstood musician every girl finds herself mad crushing on at some point. He’d have posters of really obscure alternative bands up in his dorm room, and when you ask who they are, he’d say, … 700 more words

Daily Prompt - - - - - 13-12-14

Imagine you have lost your voice. Do not fear. You have a special telepathic connection with your favourite fictional character and they are on hand to speak for you. 7 more words