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The Cold Blade

At the drop of a hat, the dagger pierce through Yangchen’s chest; she felt the icy-coldness of the blade deep inside her heart. It was so surreal an experience; Yangchen can’t believe it was happening to her. 596 more words


Today I saw yesterday

Call it a dead end job. I was not having any fun or any self motivation in life. I just wanted to sit in my cubicle and do some corporate shit handling for a boss who was unable to best even the meagre of tasks, like handling a single client. 653 more words


(Cerita #06) Edmond

Namanya Edmond. Nama yang terlalu keren mungkin untuk ukuran seorang OB. Edmond datang ke kota ini sekitar dua belas tahun silam. Waktu itu usianya baru sepuluh tahun. 1,089 more words


Inside My Head


There were three brothers once:
Let’s call them Good, Bad and Third.

Good wanted everything to be perfect. He wanted to be the person who takes care of others, who is the perfect son, the perfect Friend. 235 more words


Fanfictions or fictions ?

je fais des fictions sur commande, demandez quel genre de fiction ou Fanfiction vous souhaitez et je le ferais pour vous, que se soit français ou anglais. 38 more words