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Ninja Saga - SWF Hacks using Charles

Tools Needed : Charles Web Debugging Proxy [Download]
Serial Key : Download (For all Versions)

How to perform SWF hacks using Charles like Fiddler2. 154 more words


Bats, Liddesdale, Hares and Dancers

This painting was in my last blog, in a gallery, which I have come to dislike as a format for painted images, so I thought I would put the painting I like best separately. 249 more words

Running Fiddler with OnePlaceMail – Fixing “The requested site does not appear to have claims enabled or the Login Url has not been set” message

Here’s a workaround to get Fiddler working with OnePlaceMail and SharePoint 2013 where you normally get the following error message in OnePlaceMail as soon as Fiddler is enabled and capturing traffic: 471 more words


Saving Fiddler Responses To Disk

Fiddler is a fantastic tool that allows developers and IT professionals to see what’s happening under the hood when a web page is requested by a user.   456 more words

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