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3D Archery Shoot Highwoods Sportsmen's Club

This past weekend I stumbled upon an awesome 3D Course hidden just outside of Woodstock NY. It was a warm day (finally!) and I was shooting good, things just came together. 26 more words

3rd April - Bluebell Sighting!

Seen at Bushy this morning; it can only mean one thing. It’s almost time for the Bluebell competition!

Field Archery

3 Steps Back


Another thing I learned in martial arts that applies to archery is the concept of three steps back. In Iai (Japanese Samurai Sword Arts) if you mess up a move, the reason you messed it up was was because of something you did three moves back that forced you out of place to execute the move planned. 160 more words

Tuning with the Lumenock

I will be the first to admit that I do not “tune” my arrows, nor do I make my own. I have the guy at the local pro shop make them. 550 more words

Instinctive Archery - Is it really instinctive?

Want to start an argument? Mention Instinctive Archery. There are more opinions on this than on any other subject in Archery.

To some it is a mystical thing, that defies description. 300 more words

Take a walk on the wild side

Have you ever wanted to shoot in a totally different way but were afraid of developing bad habits in your current method?

Well believe it not you can, simply shoot from the other side! 316 more words

Daily Decrease in Archery

Besides archery, I’m have been training in the martial arts for the past 20 years, first in Tae Kwon Do, then in Kickboxing and Iaido (Samurai Sword). 194 more words