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A Bridge, a Microphone, the Police.

Contact microphones on a hollow metal pipe at the Story Bridge in Brisbane. A brief recording moments before the police arrived.


What is it about wandering around with headphones and microphones that raises suspicion from passersby?   400 more words

Field Recordings

Birds Gathering at Dusk

This is one of those events that I would love to re-record with better microphones.

Every day at dusk, birds from all around the area gather inside Saibaba’s ashram trees for the night and leave at dawn. 85 more words


U22 Loren Chasse "Characters at the Water Margin" : a diary full of candid aural emotions...

The first couple of reviews for “Characters at the Water Margin” are in, and both extremely positive to commemorate Loren Chasse’s return to a certain visibility… 41 more words

new work : flute | harp + fixed media [2014.11]

In the composition flute | harp + fixed media I used samples of Tibetan bells and various field recordings which I manipulated in an audio editor. 37 more words


U19 philip sulidae "History of Violence" : an irradiated reality...

Brian Olewnick tries to perceive what lies beyond the layers of History of Violence” on his Just Outside blog…

U19 philip sulidae "History of Violence" : do places show memory ?

For A Closer Listen, Richard Allen discusses the aura of philip sulidae‘s intense recordings…


Despite the sunny hot day in Tokyo I was in a mood for a storm,  so I decided to share what I was listening to this afternoon.  20 more words