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Grinding Wheat!

Today we were grinding wheat to make flour. Next week we will use the flour to make bread. Can you think of any other foods we could make from our flour?


Roasted Peppers.

Today we roasted some peppers. We have grown peppers from seeds and harvested them. We tasted our home grown peppers. They were crunchy and sweet. Then we roasted the peppers. 7 more words


Planting Winter Vegetables.

We have planted leeks, cauliflower and cabbage in our outdoor learning area. What do you think we should do to look after the plants?



We grew some peppers. Today we picked our peppers and we tasted them. They were delicious. Do you think a pepper is a fruit or vegetable? Why?


Getting here!

If you would like to join us for The Shotgun Chef’s Field to Fork cookery school to learn how to shoot, fish and stalk your own food with one of the country’s up-and-coming game chefs you can get to the Isle of Lewis easily by either ferry or by air. 117 more words

The Shotgun Chef

Planting Potatoes.

We have planted some potatoes. They will ready to harvest near Christmas. What have you planted?

Exhibition at Ayscoughfee Hall Museum

The Since Sliced Bread solo exhibition at Ayscoughfee Hall Museum is the culmination of this immersive year of artistic research into the Windmills and communities of Lincolnshire. 160 more words

Ayscoughfee Hall