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Reflecting on Fall...........

I am drawn to reflections. The reflections can be of color or objects, doesn’t matter. During the fall though I seem to be more attuned to reflections than other seasons. 208 more words


Högskoleavgifter igen

Två betydligt smartare par skribenter än Bo Becker har svarat på hans debattartikel: 822 more words


After the Hurricane: Life Abounds on Laysan

September 7, 2014 | By Barbara Heindl

Welcome Home

Megan and I are back on Laysan after our emergency evacuation. The only noticeable change was an unusually high debris line, indicating large swells from Hurricanes Julio, Iselle, and Genevieve, who were in the area while we were gone. 988 more words

Bird Conservation

Do scientists need to blog?

I was out in Samarinda last week. A city in East Kalimantan, in the land of most remained forests in Indonesia but also has the issue of land conversion to oil palm plantation and mining. 610 more words

Field Work

Late season haying

I apologize for the 3-month absence, I spent a lot of time working with a community group trying to save a 1905 landmark church from demolition. 454 more words


field work

There was a time when I wondered why it was called “field work,” but I never asked about it, and after a while, it didn’t matter.  706 more words

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