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With the deadline a day away we worked on our presentation and starting to film our little bots in action, we ran out of time and didn’t get to film them being properly interacted with but did manage to document them working simply so that if they suddenly stopped working we had proof that the functions did all work. 272 more words


New on 500px : Old Barn by AlexMironyuk by AlexMironyuk

Old Barn

It was the end of my 2 week trip to Montana and Wyoming. For all those days I didn’t have even something close to ideal weather to take a good picture and I tried to chase any kind of a good light even on my last morning. 161 more words


Throughout the project I kept different tabs on existing arudino projects for inspiration and for help with the coding and wiring, these are some of the projects and sites that I looked at for help and inspiration. 199 more words


Happy Bot & Chatty Bot

We had about a week left and already had completed two bots so we weren’t panicking too much but still wanted to reach our goal of a bot each. 448 more words


Anti-social Bot

After our success with the scared bot we wanted to try a different sensor, our idea for this bot was that it didn’t like people and would move away from you showing its anti social emotions. 333 more words


Field // Reflection

My field was Sounding Things – as you can tell about my other posts –  Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, Jon Pigott and Olivia Kotsifa.

At first, I was a little scared thinking if I would really enjoy this field (even tho it was one of my options, from the beginning) since it wasn’t my first option (that was faking it). 525 more words