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Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin.

Stories? Yes. Bedtime stories? Yes. Only at bedtime? No. Only in the bedroom? Gosh, no!

When you say tell do you mean invent stories? 580 more words
Literacy On The Loose

BFH Nest Down

Bald-faced hornets (Dolichovespula maculata) have been in the news recently. There seem to be a lot of their nests in Brooklyn: a bumper crop or just people noticing more of them? 55 more words


Guidance for Better Bahasa Indonesia - English

Even you are not a translator or interpreter but sometimes we┬áneed a guidance to make a better wording and sentence in Bahasa Indonesia – English or vice versa. 522 more words



This Am. Robin has molted away its whole tail. Don’t worry: new tail feathers will emerge, and meanwhile, flight, including in the sense of escape, is still possible. 11 more words


The forest for the trees

A hike in the fall woods is always a sensual and philosophical experience.I was in a yellow light under oaks and beeches in an overcast sky, later speared through by shafts of sunlight.Yes, both the woods and I were speared. 94 more words


Cepaea nemoralis

Slicking up the back door. Faster than you think.


Staying alive: mother-tongue maintenance abroad

How can you help your children to keep their native language alive when they are born abroad and spend little time with mum and dad? An English family living in Luxembourg tells me one way they go about it. 475 more words