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Early Stages

This is some kind of Lacewing larva. It was found predating under the Catalpa leaves, where the ladybugs are still to be found, too, deep into October. 10 more words


After the rain

A wet, leaf-rotting, ground-enriching fall is good mushroom weather.


Diagnosis On My Mind

As a disability sibling and scholar, my professional and personal lives blur. ¬†They unfold within a tension and, when I’m in the thick of interviews with family members or am sifting through my existing data, I necessarily engage with the words and experiences more fully – or simply differently – than if I had the luxury of empathetic detachment. ¬† 761 more words


(until proven) Innocent

Pastor: How long were Adam & Eve in paradise?
Child: Till autumn
Pastor: …?…
Child: When the apple is ripe

I like the inevitability of nature here; the apple will fall. 229 more words

Verses Nature


This is an approximation of the light on this appropriately yellow-blazed trail on Saturday afternoon. It was a tonic that cured what ailed us. Whatever it was that ailed us. 31 more words



An American Toad looking for a place to burrow down for winter.Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe with tiny spider.A scattering of lichen on smooth granite. 18 more words