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Future Odes

Eastern Amberwings (Perithemis tenera) in the reproductive wheel: the male holds the female by the back of the head; the female curves her abdomen up and forwards his genitalia, located (counterintuitively?) at the base of his abdomen. 127 more words



A bumblebee rumbles into the heart of the flower.

Identifying bumblebees of the genus Bombus is not an easy task. In their new identification guide, … 413 more words


Great Crested Flycatcher

Always a nice surprise to get a good look at a Great Crested Flycatcher (Myiarchus crinitus), since they are usually at tree-top level. I thought this might be a migrant, and it may well be, but it should be noted that there are breeding records for the species in Prospect. 28 more words


Orange Is the New Bluet

A male Orange Bluet (Enallagma signatum) in the afternoon sun.


Field Notes

Back in March I got my first set of Field Notes and I recently completed my first notebook with them. I love writing in notebooks but in the past I’ve struggled with two problems: trying to separate different things into different notebooks and forgetting the notebook. 242 more words

Spotted (or Not) and Streaky

Spotted Sandpipers (Actitis macularius) — no spots once they’ve moved out of their breeding plumage — are patrolling the edges of fresh water bodies now during migration. 12 more words



Male Great Blue Skimmer (Libellula vibrans).Common Whitetail (Plathemis lydia) male.Forewings of female Twelve-spotted Skimmer (Libellula pulchella). I found this with a little bit of thorax exoskeleton a few blocks from home. 25 more words