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Highway in the sky

I did this for the speed paint group on Friday night, very easy to do, a few shapes In max and then paint. Sort of a Bladeruner ,fifth element mash up 10 more words

Fifth Element: Little Light Of Love, by Eric Serra

Little Light Of Love (Fifth Element )


End tittles version of the song from the movie Fifth Element. by Luc Besson. Pictures are from the same movie which stars the most beautiful woman in the world Milla Jovovich,who plays Leeloo, the perfect being. 14 more words

Cognitive Recognitions - 5

I feel like my best cognitive recognition was the one about the self driving cars.  At our day in age self driving cars aren’t too far away from being an everyday reality.   419 more words


Fifth element brings Swarovski to Pakistan

5th element as the official distribution partner, launched Swarovski crystals in their store located on Zamzama, Karachi. Swarovski is the global leader in finest cut crystals which are lead free.  182 more words


CA! RADIO EP 77: Too Loose Latrine

____________-CA! Radio-____________

Episode 77: Too Loose Latrine (10/14/2014)
♪This week the gang travel the far reaches of space to visit a derelict waystation before using a time machine to visit the past.♪ Download & iTunes


If I was 21...

or if Bear Baby didn’t mind.

I would totally wear this for Halloween

Forplay Costumes Futuristic Element Strappy Stretch Lycra Bodysuit

I never liked dressing up and going out on… 99 more words