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A life in 50 words

Fifteen years of fear and regret exited his life in the belly of a suitcase. She wouldn’t forgive him. Yet… the betrayal felt like that of a stranger. 30 more words


Fifty Five Visually Striking Pond Layout Concepts For Your Backyard

Summer is swiftly approaching and it’s time to start planning your backyard oasis with not just crops and bouquets but thinking about the possibility of incorporating a pond layout. 23 more words

Daily Ideas


Five is my limit for this Fifty Word Challenge.

I thought I would be creative and do a theme by beginning each one with a sequential number. 23 more words


Fifty Five Visually Striking Pond Design Suggestions For Your Backyard

Summertime is rapidly approaching and it’s time to start arranging your backyard oasis with not just plants and flowers but taking into consideration the probability of including a pond design. 20 more words

Daily Ideas

For years, an ancient oak tree stood in front of Tribekean’s household, hiding an already clandestine family. Not until a sunshine December 1989 day did the tree snap to reveal a darkness never seen before by mankind. 17 more words

My Writing

Fifty! Fifty?

Today I turn fifty.  “50”, “fifty”, “The Big 50”, anyway I try to say it, it’s hard to believe.  I’m not sure how it happened so quickly, and I certainly do not feel that old.  669 more words

About Gary


At some point, when I was really young, I fell in love with the country.   We lived in a small rural town in Illinois and although we could smell the stench when the local dairy farmer cleaned out his barn, I still felt as though I was a “city” girl.   1,238 more words