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I have posted fifty times on this blog as of Saturday in less than a year. I just thought I’d post a quick thank you. I don’t know if you’ve noticed at all but I have changed a lot since starting this blog and I will continue to change because we have to be constantly changing to keep up. 65 more words



You ever wake up disgusted?
Living in a world that you’ve clearly constructed
It’s got your signature and you remember building
Like “this looks promising” 311 more words


Turning 50: Simple and quiet but no less significant

The BIG 5-0. I guess it’s a milestone of sorts and one that should be marked and observed. It is, after all, a celebration of having lived life for half a century. 734 more words

Personal Reflections

Facing 50

Walking to the restaurant to meet my sweetheart for dinner, I was going to call to make sure he brought a camera with him. I laughed to myself, “Of course he will have one with him, when doesn’t he have a camera?” 661 more words


A fifty - The accident

The glass of wine fell on the kitchen floor after spins then shattered into broken pieces of glass and ice … When death was making tea the new maid was sweeping the glass to hear the sound of music then picked up the ice to serve it to the guest.

Foto Friday: Official 50th B'day Photo Shoot! #BoomerBabe!

Here are a few images from my recent 50th Birthday Photo Shoot! I LOVE working with  Billy Brown, my favorite photographer, who just happens to be my husband! 149 more words