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Fresh Fig and Gorgonzola Pasta: a Summer Favorite

Thanks to the California Fig Growers Association, who gave us this recipe several years ago, Fresh Fig and Gorgonzola Pasta has become a summer favorite. We are fortunate to have an old fig tree in our yard, so we have plenty of fresh figs every summer for a week or two. 245 more words


Multi tier Docker apps with Fig

I had a play with Fig whilst researching my InfoQ story on Docker’s acquisition of Orchard Labs.

Rather than just going through the quick start guide and firing up their example app I thought I’d try out my own… 166 more words



What a stunning cake. All rights reserved to Ascension Kitchen. You can find the recipe here.


Fig and Walnut Malt Loaf

N: There is something old school about buying a packet of flour and trying the recipe printed on the packet. It feels like a young bird who has just flown the nest and is very eager to try out every new worm that promises increased vim. 627 more words

Fig Pizza and Big Victories

A few years ago the leash that we used to walk Guinness wore out and my husband made a big mistake in tasking me to go online and see what hours the humane society was open.  507 more words


Little treats of day!

I have always enjoy the time I get to spend with all my friends, especially those nice afternoon tea.

Of cause I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to make some little snacks whenever we have gathering. 129 more words