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Learn to master suspense, and you’ll have your readers literally squirming to turn the page.  This is particularly true with fight scenes.  The build up is the perfect place to lay down what is truly at stake for your characters, to make clear the price of failure. 190 more words


DSi Flipnote Fight Animation - Parts 1 and 2

Here’s the first two parts of an action scene I animated using Flipnote Studio on my DS, actually done over a year ago.  I recently began transferring my old projects over to my PC and decided to upload them a couple at a time. 88 more words


5 Fight scenes with amazing cinematography

by Stephen Nagel

Fight scenes are generally dominated by the subjects’ actions, and this can often mean that the camerawork is quite static. Most of the time the actors animate the scene via combat.


Martial Arts Trailer for The Miller's Tale - Action Elite

“Joey Corpora sent us a few short clips to some upcoming shorts he’s working on with his company Platypus Underground.

According the the official site… 229 more words


A fight scene suitable for the squeamish

Today I should have been writing something or other that would promote the stories I’ve already published. But, you know how it is. Procrastination rules. Instead I’ve been writing poems, playing word games on Twitter preparing blog posts for my guest bloggers, and finishing a short story about Centaurs. 716 more words


Christine Haggerty's Writers' Workshop: How to write fight scenes

In response to my idea to launch a writers’ workshop, Christine Haggerty author of The Plague Legacy has offered to start things off with an article about one of my pet hates: the fight scene. 2,612 more words


Trisha's Escape

The train’s wheels screeched as the brakes were thrown up and the storage car came closer to the camp. Trisha could barely stand in the rail car as the mass of bodies standing around her slammed into her. 389 more words

By: Kathryn Jenkins