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How to Approach a Fight Scene

I have trained many years in Martial Arts. My experience has taught me the basic elements of a fight, and more precisely how to be aware of my surroundings and therefore how avoid the confrontation, deflate the situation so there is no confrontation, or not be surprised when attacked or thrown into the middle of a fight. 781 more words

Watch These Dudes Burn Calories By Recreating That Iconic '300' Fight Scene

Zack Snyder’s 300 is the first movie to ever really drive me to achieve 8 pack abs. And whether or not that is actually a physical trait one can obtain at the gym, the guys in this video look to be on the path to victory. 77 more words

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The Novel "Divergent" and Writing Advice

A short review follows with comments on how the book relates to standard writing advice.

Divergent is one of the current crop of dystopias, perhaps inspired by… 783 more words

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The Author's Obligation to the Reader

I texted a friend once asking her if she had ever read a book where there was a good scene but it could have been written so much better. 1,037 more words

Weapon of the Week: Bare Hands (Part 1)

Weapon Name: Hands, Fists

Even unarmed, we are still armed.

Description: Those things attached to the ends of your arms. They generally have five fingers* and a flat palm surface. 760 more words

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Death before Dishonor

Bushido is realized in the presence of death. This means choosing death whenever there is a choice between life and death. There is no other reasoning. —Yamamoto Tsunetomo