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Some Fun Writing

Alista assessed the Murinsat with a glance, “That pair,” she said, pointing to a pair guarding a quartet of terrified noblewomen, “Ready Vicor?”

The half-orc nodded, his blade coming from its scabbard. 196 more words

Fantasy Writing

Short Story: The Abyss

I wrote this story last week and spent the last few days editing it. I tried to write a more intense story than what I usually write. 1,484 more words


How to Shoot a Fight Scene

This is a great video about how to shoot a fight scene. Pretty good little video. Enjoy.

Creative Arts

My Top 9 Favorite Fight Scenes

If this blog has shown nothing else I hope it has shown that I love movie fight scenes. Whether it has superheroes battling across the globe or simply a cop and a thug fighting in Hong Kong I love fight scenes. 1,283 more words

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Fight-Scene Mechanics


Learn to master suspense, and you’ll have your readers literally squirming to turn the page.  This is particularly true with fight scenes.  The build up is the perfect place to lay down what is truly at stake for your characters, to make clear the price of failure. 190 more words


DSi Flipnote Fight Animation - Parts 1 and 2

Here’s the first two parts of an action scene I animated using Flipnote Studio on my DS, actually done over a year ago.  I recently began transferring my old projects over to my PC and decided to upload them a couple at a time. 88 more words