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Best Western fight scenes: "Lonely are the Brave" - "one arm behind my back"

This fight scene from “Lonely are the Brave” with Kirk Douglas is spectacular, imaginative,  brilliantly choreographed and highly original:


Fight Scene Friday -- "Wheels on Meals"

by Gabriel Valdez

We’re going to start a new Friday tradition here: Fight Scene Friday. Every Friday, a new fight scene to help start your weekend. 441 more words


How to Write a Great Fight Scene

Batman stalked his way through the alleyways of Gotham, dark and brooding. He stood at the end of a particularly dark alleyway and noted two people having a heated conversation. 524 more words


Karate/Gym Girl vs Kickboxer Guy Fight Scene (Lili Rochefort / Tekken Style)

This was a pretty cool action fight scene that I found online. Check it out and enjoy.

Short Film

Amazing Final Fantasy VII Fight Scenes Not From Final Fantasy VII

Here are two of my favorite fighting cutscenes from gaming and though they both involve characters from Final Fantasy VII neither are from the Final Fantasy VII game itself. 67 more words


Writing a Battle Scene: Important Details to Know

There are a few things you need to know before you begin writing a battle scene. They are the follow:

  1. The character you will follow into battle.
  2. 1,176 more words