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Member Testimonial- Dana's Story

“My body has been through hell and back and at the age of 44, I am in the best shape of my life.”

At ilovekickboxing.com most of us consider ourselves “fighters.” Whether it is to get into better shape or to release aggression, we are constantly “fighting” to achieve different goals. 564 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor

RAF Museum - Eurofighter hanging from ceiling

A shot of the Eurofighter jet plane which has been hung from the ceiling of the RAF museum. There are quite a number of planes that have been displayed this way, which provides great viewing from the balcony area of the museum. 61 more words



I do not know
What it means when I dream about life in general
Occasions, memories filled with less stress
Adolescence is a time of anxious thoughts… 125 more words

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RMAF MRCA Program: It's Not Just A Direct Transaction, It's More Than That

The Malaysia Government has yet to decide whether to replace the RMAF Mig-29N Fulcrum air superiority fighter with newer types of aircraft. Focus is now being given to the country’s defence industries so that they are at the same level as other technologically advance industries in ASEAN. 305 more words

ASEAN Female Military Pilots

Much has been covered about woman’s participation in the RMAF and the TNI-AU. While ASEAN air forces are still largely male-dominated organizations, slowly but surely, women are slowly filling in positions where it is traditionally being reserved for their male counterparts. 402 more words

WITH VIDEO: 3rd Croatian MiG-21 expected

With two of its by Ukrainian industries overhauled MiG-21 BIS fighter jets already back for a few days, the Croatian Air Force is awaiting the arrival of its third updated Fishbed – expected one of these days… 6 more words