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Social Class and Conflicts

I took my son to a park in the hood over Fourth of July weekend because it was close and there were kids already playing there. 825 more words


The Real Reason Your Marriage Is Still Stuck

Do you feel like giving up on your marriage ever being the way you dreamed it would be when you made that promise?  Do you feel a draining loneliness hanging over your home?   2,088 more words


Today is Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

N Dallas

10:00 am Krav Maga Open

05:00 pm Next Generation Youth Krav Maga (ages 7-9)

06:00 pm Combat Conditioning

06:00 pm Next Generation Youth Krav Maga (ages 10 -13) 172 more words


Fight My Son! FIGHT!

From a Mother to Her Son in Crisis

Do you remember what we learned about David and Goliath ? Goliath had the 666 all over him, right…. 139 more words


Who's Gonna Stop Ronda Rousey?

I will happily admit that I am definitely not the person. Not because of my gender either.

I’ve always kept my eye on UFC, finding MMA an intriguing sport as, in my own words, it was “like boxing but kind of, like, not”. 712 more words

Solstice Satisfaction

5 Ways to Not Yell At Your Kids

Let’s be honest… kids can get on our nerves. We love them, but sometimes they just push it a little too far! Here are 5 ways you can help yourself prevent outbursts in front of your little ones, providing a more positive environment for them to grow up in. 240 more words


Defining Hype: A Look at Evo 2014 USFIV Finals

Since Evo 2014 still lingers in the minds of fighting game fans, I want to spend some time today discussing a topic that came up this year during the top 8 for Ultra Street Fighter IV: what makes any given fighting game match “hype”? 752 more words