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Get kids out of the pool without a fight

It started out so simply – you asked your child to get out of the pool. He screamed, “NO!” and an entire pool crowd is suddenly silent and staring at you. 310 more words


I went this way and you went that way...

This may be a strange topic to write about coming from someone who has been single for the most part of their twenties…or going on 6 years. 897 more words

#Burma #Myanmar #Clashes #Continuing in #Ta’ang #Region

Clashes Continuing in Ta’ang Region
July 27, 2014

On July 27, from 1000 to 1025 hours, a battle took place between troops
from Battalions 101 and 112, under Brigade-1 of the Ta’ang National Liberation… 173 more words


Facing a creative burnout?

Creators face burnouts. For writers, burnouts are a different kind of writer’s block — but both are nasty. I would know. After a few months of continuous writing, it looked like I couldn’t move beyond a few words. 286 more words


Help the Kurds, help us all...

The Obama Administration  is rejecting  Kurdish pleas  for assistance  in fighting against ISIS.   This is stupid beyond belief.   The Kurds not only know how to fight,  they will fight.   128 more words

Alien Punchout Review

Alien Punchout Game Review

What the frizz is up guys? Today I’ll be reviewing an online fighting game which has been around for awhile called Alien Punchout.So in a nutshell Alien Punchout is a two-player,flash fighting (boxing) game where you play as a humanoid,hodge-podge looking alien being,either red or blue depending on if you’re player 1 or player 2 respectively,and you duke it out in an animated arena till someone gets their clocked cleaned in three rounds,sounds like fun no?. 923 more words

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Why you should know about the children of Gaza and Israel

Extra note from Jo at 2.48pm: Since posting this article I have heard from two friends who were concerned that I wasn’t being quite even-handed enough about the complicated situation. 507 more words

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