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Five Greatest Acne Fighting Items For Radiant Skin

What ever is the name acne, pimple or bumps, these can have a unfavorable effect on your skin and can also injury the skin if not taken care of in time. 29 more words

War Zone

***This was written on August 2, 2012***

“BOOM! BAM! POW!” I wake up to the clamorous sound.
Wait a minute…where am I? What’s this place I see when I look around? 2,124 more words

Bro. B.I.B.

How to Pick Your Battles in Love

Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing – you get to share your life with someone and together you get to make memories, experience life, and hopefully share in an adventure that is kick ass. 867 more words

Daniele Uses Words

People can fly but...

For three weeks I did not look at emails of members of the Google Photo Community (GPC) as I had 200-300 emails daily from members of WordPress and my friends and was very busy enjoying summer. 90 more words


The Fighter

There are just a handful of good boxing movies, but The Fighter must be ranked among them.

This 2010 film written by Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy, and Eric Johnson is based on the true story of two brothers who each attained some degree of success in the world of boxing.  526 more words

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Get kids out of the pool without a fight

It started out so simply – you asked your child to get out of the pool. He screamed, “NO!” and an entire pool crowd is suddenly silent and staring at you. 310 more words


I went this way and you went that way...

This may be a strange topic to write about coming from someone who has been single for the most part of their twenties…or going on 6 years. 897 more words