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Green lemons

*Dan Arps is a New Zealand artist.

This comic was meant to be longer but the kids’ DVD finished and then they started fighting so I thought I should quit while I was ahead. 251 more words


Bound by Blood

It was not duty
That made them answer
It was loyalty
Not for their leader
They called him false
But their families
Relied on them, 39 more words


A Page From My Diary...

We had that talk.  You know the one… “Why don’t you respect my time”, “I feel unappreciated”, “You don’t listen to me”, “You never touch me anymore”, “I feel alone”.  217 more words


Day 54

Went to the park this morning and worked solo push hands. It is a different feeling than doing the forms. Doing the solo push hands makes me aware of the use of my legs to generate power, and I am aware of the points made in the Classics: drop the elbows, shoulders and waist relaxed, and breathe deep and continuous. 215 more words

Training Journal


So I was listening to one of my favorite bands this very morning, The Sound of Animals Fighting, and seeing how their lyrics are quite difficult to make out on some tracks, I began to hear my own words come as I was listening to a track. 254 more words

General Writing