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Leave Me Out Of It Son

I don’t mind my boys fighting and wrestling, as long as they leave me out of it. No “Daddy! Daddy! He hit me!”  I am not a referee and I saw you two fighting so it wasn’t like you were attacked.


You Guys Want To Get Drunk And Fight?

Who’s tryin’ to fight? You look liked you’d like to fight later. How about we get drunk and fight? That way, if people ask us why we’re fighting, it’s because we’re drunk, but we won’t tell them it’s really because we want to fight. 223 more words


The Pugilist's Pain

He is always in pain.
Not the kind of physical pain that a doctor could attend to, but, rather, a dull ache inside of him that some could identify as a longing. 111 more words

The Sanctity of Life

As humans we each have a life to live, love to give.  We have hopes and dreams and fears.  We each have a place we call home, a family, something that we live for.  406 more words


john branch: derek boogaard and the damage done

The saddest sentences in John Branch’s biography of the late Derek Boogaard come one after another, on page 138, following an account of an NHL fight of workaday brutality: 1,510 more words


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Triumphing in Trying Times (by Fenny West)

Triumphing in Trying Times

Is possible for us all

If we will commit to pray

And put our faith in the Lord.


Learn to say what God has said… 140 more words

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