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I'm Not Good Enough...

When was the last time that you looked at your significant other and said,

“I’m sorry I’m not good enough!”


“I’m sorry I always let you down!” 963 more words


yo guys

Here’s the post.

here’s the gallery

Jiu Jitsu

Concert House Rocks: Eye of the Storm

Their chubby fists flew in wild arcs in the angry hopes of hitting the man who had insulted them.  One after another fists flew in violent rage falling inches from their intended target.   1,226 more words

It's Time for an Intervention


So, there was an intervention yesterday.

An intervention between two 12-year-old boys.

Yes you read that right, two 12-year-old boys.

Why you ask?

Well because they were acting like bloody girls that’s why! 666 more words

The brick

I just got a message via facebook from my childhood friend who I shared most of the wild times as a kid growing up that he’s got stage 4 lymphoma.  1,010 more words



Friends come and go, that should be something that every one can understand. But when one of your closest friends has to leave, everything sucks ten times more than it has to. 283 more words

Woman vs woman

Have you ever noticed the very different ways men and women fight? If you have a vagina, you of course have. If not, read on for some enlightenment. 310 more words