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Wheaties, Pajamas, and Dinosaurs.

This week has been very… upsetting.

I’ve been cooped up alone for far too long.  I’m getting to the point of going crazy. Every day its been Wheaties for breakfast (my favorite), immediate change into pajamas when I get home (my favorite), and watching this movie I have on dinosaurs (my favorite). 534 more words


Happy Days!

Today I am sitting in a nice air-conditioned room to escape the sweltering heat outside.  I’ve decided to hire a room at the gym for two days for some rest and relaxation as my room at home is rorn map ma (means very hot in thai), there is no air-conditioning and very little ventilation. 1,951 more words


Them's fightin' words

Well, it happened again.

I pulled into the driveway and got a disgusted stare from our neighbor. Nothing like THAT to greet you. I have no clue why I’m being judged right now, but my spirits sink when I see my husband waiting for me on the front step. 469 more words

Autism Parenting


We lied on same mats

Curved in same stance

Swam in the same sea

To get here


We kicked when we had to

Went up and down in exercise… 81 more words