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Sailor Saturn SHFiguarts Review

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Sailor Saturn! She is pretty cool. My favorite Sailor Scout of the bunch <3 She isn’t in the anime until much later and much mystery surrounds this poor girl. 306 more words

Figure Photos~

I haven’t taken any photos of my figures since April, since I haven’t gotten any new figures since December. As they collected dust on the shelf I felt that it was about time that I took a few out for some photos. 183 more words


Wonfes Summer 2014: Highlights

I’m obviously way late on this…When I remembered Wonfes was coming around I wasn’t stalking the internet for any trace of released figures, but instead I was out doing other things and completely forgot about it. 588 more words


Figma News Fridays 8/29/14

Figma News Fridays! It’s once again being written on Friday!
And thankfully, this Monday will be a day off for me! There are so many things that I want to do with that day, so I’ll have to choose wisely. 604 more words


[In-Depth] Saber, Arthur Pendragon

Saber. Ah yes, Saber.

Without a doubt one of the most popular and merchandised character known to Anime. Her number of merchandises rivals that of Hatsune Miku, I think, ..maybe? 1,166 more words


random pics

The return of the random pictures post.

I’ve stopped collecting figures. They can really burn more than a hole in your wallet. Besides, GoodSmile never make my favorite characters anymore. 160 more words


[Ext. Review] Asuna

Asuna is one of the main characters from the series Sword Art Online. Her Figma was released in July of 2013.