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Figs Preserved in Honey Syrup

Last summer, I made fig jam for the first time, and it’s been a highlight of my picnic spreads and cheese trays ever since. This summer, I was lucky enough to score large batches of figs two weekends in a row. 304 more words


Fig Pecan Cookies

See I told you I would get another fig recipe in before the season was over! Fig haters, stay with me, this is the last one until next year, I promise. 287 more words

Raspberry FIG Challah

I said pretty much all there is to say about this amazing weekend yesterday- luckily, now we have some scrum-dilly-icious bread to talk about today! 164 more words


In a jam

We have a fig tree in our garden and each year I forget to pick the figs I know, it’s terrible isn’t it.
This year I’ve remembered. 152 more words


Figs, Figs Everywhere!

As the depression worsened in the last few weeks (prior to the Breakthrough), there was an interesting thing going on–beyond my appreciation at the time. 399 more words


Creative, balanced diet experiment: Day 1

OK, here is the DAY 1.

For breakfast my family wished rise porridge. Inspired by sticky rice from Thailand I cooked rise porridge in coconut milk with cardamon served with acorn syrup mango and fig. 117 more words



These looked pretty simple, so I thought I’d give them a try. Anything to brighten up a very rainy bank holiday. This is the recipe, from… 337 more words