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We live in a world that promotes various truths. As such, it is sometimes difficult to determine what is actually real from what is not. If I told you my name was Lisa, but someone else told you my name was Samantha, you would argue that this person is not telling the truth, since I have personally given you my name. 1,750 more words


English 3 Honors & Summer Reading

Don’t forget, students! You should have read The Things They Carried, and two of the following books over the summer:


Week 3: Using Figurative Language

The difference between figurative language (usually a form of metaphor) and literal language is that figurative language makes a comparison using unlike things that share qualities. 201 more words

Our Method

Part 2 of Figurative language -Pg.73

Part 2 of Figurative language – Pg. 73


ANTITHESIS:  It is an opposition, or contrast, of ideas.

Example:  Patience is bitter, but it has a sweet fruit. 216 more words

Pre-IGCSE English Stage 8

DEFINITIONS OF FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE:                                                         Pg 72-73

METAPHOR:  It is used to compare two unlike things but does not use the words “like” or “as”. Example:  Green plants are machines which run on solar energy. 191 more words

Pre-IGCSE English Stage 8

Wings for the Messiah

The Sadducees were would not believe in a resurrection of the dead but they could not figure out how God would reconstitute families where there had been a death and remarriage (Matthew 22:23-28).   214 more words

Jesus Christ

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