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Climate Change

The frigid talons of the cold
Caress my face in its harsh icy grip
Turning my cheeks the same color
As the blood that once poured out of my wounds… 139 more words


What type of figurative language is used in each of the following?

  1. She’s as bright as the sun.
  2. This classroom is freezing; I should have brought a blanket or a bearskin.
  3. 98 more words


I close my eyes to
a world of darkness, a silk black curtain
as I lie in the shimmering moonlight

Soon I enter another world… 120 more words


Five. Love Poetry.

You are my Venus.
Flies suckle your comb-toothed lips that slam into a frown, fatal. Houseguests smashed.

You are my Morning Star.
You murder my warm lucid sequences and snowplough me into bright daylight. 27 more words


Figurative Language Poster Contest!

Figurative Language Poster Contest

Mr. Langan’s English I

             Throughout our unit on Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, we’ve been exploring the use and power of figurative language. 180 more words

"The Road Not Taken" Syndrome

You are probably familiar with Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken.” If you are, and if you believe the poem implicitly encourages taking the figuratively less well-trod path in life, then you belong to a vast majority, and you are in error. 506 more words

Idiom Quick Draw

Idiom Quick Draw

Divide into two or more teams.  Choose one person per team to draw first.  One person draws a card and lets the other ones drawing see it.  63 more words