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Getting Distracted by Drawing

Greetings Comrades.

I’ve figured out how to draw figures. So I’ve been getting too distracted by that to write/record any poetry as of yet. I have started an epic poem, ‘The Afterworld.’ I’ve done 2 pages of it but with drawing seeming more exciting at that moment now that I’ve had that eureka moment I haven’t got round to continuing it. 285 more words


Gymnastics Lovers

I like to see the different search terms people use to get to my blog. I’ve seen “drawing evolution” a bunch of times, like it was a school assignment or something, and “how to draw Shailene Woodley”. 162 more words

Current Drawing

Illustrated Thursday - Moriturus, stanzas VII to IX - Millay

When I illustrated “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by Wallace Stevens over the summer, each stanza really called out to me individually and I explored all sorts of media and compositions. 74 more words


Open Session: ...Life ...Ashleigh

New model last night. Worked in black and white charcoal pencil.

Pleased with the result – good proportions and composition, but hand still needs work. Yuri did say my effort was the basis for a good drawing, but needed to be finished. 183 more words

Tom Donovan Art

The Human Figure

This month we dedicated our time to focusing on the structure of the human figure. We looked first at scale, using our friendly wooden models, and then moved into gesture, with proportion still fresh in our minds. 33 more words

Art Education

Picture searching for a title

While I have enlarged my original vision for this work and have added two more figures, I am also searching for a title to encompass larger feelings as well. 23 more words

A fun-loving girl & A quiet girl

       One of the reason I like drawing is because I enjoy the process of letting my objects gradually reveal themselves by adding certain details on paper — first simple lines for rough draft, and then the coloring to create lights and shades. 91 more words