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Ominatio (o-mi-na’-ti-o): A prophecy of evil.

Lo, I say unto to you: putteth down thine milk that is chocolate and shaken!

Forsake thine onion-crowned patty of steer! 43 more words

Figures Of Speech

here nor there

Not much doubt. Here nor there when you’re pretty zoned out.


tons of bunns

Tons of tiny bunnies are the bumper crop of wild-oat-sowing.


downed chips

Barefoot in a cow pasture, you dodge around when the chips are down.


new you

You knew you’d hear it coming out of your phone: “It’s a new you! Could you hold too?”


tie in

They did what they thought tied in nicely with the company’s cash flow. Sold it down the river.


3 threats

As a triple threat, one company’s competitiveness only has one catch. It’s poised to lose game, set, and match.