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Weird Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It


I have questions. 

  • Why do his legs signal he really needs to go wee wee?
  • Why does his facial expression look so displeased?
  • Is it because he didn’t make it to the bathroom in time?
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Thriftstore Weirdness

Sneaking In and Settling Down

Here are three more stone women that I plan to take to the grotto in Lorimer Park – I think I’ll go tomorrow afternoon. I don’t want anyone to see me putting them in place, so it’s best to go when the park is less busy. 127 more words


Isaac Cordal - Cement Eclipses

Artist Isaac Cordal is a sculpture artist who creates brilliant little skeleton figurines and places them throughout the street of Mexico. Cordal’s work always has the feeling of mourning, despair and a sense of loss. 65 more words


The Banality of Hospitality

While I’ve had my moments when it comes to thoughtful gift-giving, for the most part, I’m not always great at picking out presents for friends and family. 722 more words


Custom baby no.2

Opps, I been so pre-occupied with the customizations I almost neglected this blog o_O   Anyway, the 2nd custom baby is UP!!!! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! (^~^)  In an egoistical narcissistic sorta way, I am super super loving my custom babies!!!! 181 more words


Fun Ftiday

This little guy was made with polymer clay. I’m making little demos for my clay class.

Things I've Made

Do you wanna build a snowman...?

Hello, there!

This week was very important for us, ’cause one of our little princess turned 10! Her first decade! She’s a huge fan of ‘Frozen’ (yes, the Disney movie), so my sister (her mother) couldn’t resist to do something beautiful for her, and she came up with this wonderful cake topper! 88 more words