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Two Websites To Legally Or Illegally Watch Your Favorite Shows Online

Face it, more and more people are watching TV and movies online, and people are resorting to any means necessary to watch their favorite TV shows, even if it means they pirate or steam content online illegally.   368 more words

Geeks And Nerds

Does the music industry have a place in a mobile age?

The mobile age of wireless internet access, tablet computing and mobile phones which are more powerful than most people’s first desktop PC has integrally changed the way we interact with, write, buy and listen to our music. 1,518 more words


HOHOL Afternoon Delight AV Club Sessions

Post recently launched a file sharing session program that is hoped to proceed every 2 Wednesdays of the month. Everyone, i.e., couch  potatoes, anime fans, TV geeks & cineastes, comics collectors, audiophiles and freebie cruisers, was enjoined to bring their laptops, flash drives and  external  hard drives for unlimited downloads and  sample screening of their choice of files.  116 more words


Levitation program tracked file-sharing sites, Snowden doc shows

The Canadian spy agency CSE monitors activity across over 100 free file upload sites, a newly-revealed PowerPoint document from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s cache has shown. 252 more words

Johnson's Dead Drop Tree

In your typical Vermont forest near the hillside campus of Johnson State College stands an otherwise unremarkable tree except for one tiny peculiar attribute to it. 546 more words


losing it

under 130 lbs, and being 5’10″… what is happening to me?

at first glance, the answer is quite simple:  i’m not eating enough.  but my appetite hasn’t been more ravenous than it is right now, right?  152 more words