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Forget Dropbox: BitTorrent Sync Allows You To Skip the Cloud Entirely

As cloud service companies battle it out for supremacy, one file sharing service sets itself apart by skipping the cloud altogether. It’s called BitTorrent Sync… 681 more words

BitTorrent Sync

Since the cloud has been seeded with poison (see what i did there…) i’ve been deleting accounts and try to move away from centralised services. One of the things that has been done away with is Dropbox. 479 more words

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NSA MEGA Video Upload To Youtube For FF Predictive Programming?

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A couple of things here. What you have is someone archiving video on servers similar to what network and cable television have access to. 145 more words

Time is running out for Box competitors

The clock is ticking for enterprise file-sharing companies after their brightest star, Box, filed for an IPO.

FORTUNE — How many enterprise file-sharing services whose names don’t start and end with the word “Box” can the market support? 631 more words

Hollywood Movie Studios, Record Labels Sue Megaupload for Copyright Infringement

Author: Brian R. Westley

Major movie studios and record labels are suing Megaupload for copyright infringement, claiming the popular file-sharing website encouraged users to upload hundreds of thousands of unauthorized copies of popular films, television shows, and music each day. 371 more words


Fascination With The Internet Tapers Off...

An article I wrote about four years ago when I was absolutely obsessed with the Internet, online file sharing, blogging, Web 2, etc, etc. 

A number of people, I notice, are losing interest in Social Media sites and only use them occasionally, if at all.  567 more words


Book Piracy & Entitlement

I recently read an fascinating post on book piracy, where an anonymous person (drunk on their own sense of entitlement perhaps) posted a letter to author Chuck Wendig, where this person outlined their reasons for stealing Chuck’s books. 332 more words

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