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Remembrance of Things Past

This morning dawned bright and clear. There was neither a fog to make the Mini Golf Course trees more appealing photographically, nor a dog to keep me company. 91 more words


A Cold Snap

A couple of months before Jude and I moved to the Edge of Heaven our early morning walk took in various wintry wonderlands.  I  had failed to set the camera clock to British Summer Time because this photo was stamped 06/04/2008, 05:53:49. 121 more words


The FILEY in Merida

Although I am forced to cut back on the frequency of my blog posts until I finish the first draft of my new book, I have to share this news with you. 161 more words


Blogging on the The Beach

It cannot boast white sands or an azure sea… (far from it) – but it’s the beach I have spent the most time on and recently family Beau  took a trip ‘home’ to the motherland… (Costa Del Filey) which is always special because it’s where I grew up!   214 more words