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Remembering Ate Pencion

Purificacion, eldest daughter of Generoso, with husband, Francisco Soto, and daughter Virginia, c. 1953.

By Virginia S. Villarica

My grandfather, Generoso (Tata Osong), was the eldest son of Kapitan Juan and Alfonsa Manubay. 757 more words


Spending Lent in Baguio City

A time for spiritual reflection and a short vacation—this is how most Catholics see the Holy Week in the Philippines. It is the one time of the year when they get to leave the busy demands of work for five glorious days… 587 more words



Now, let’s talk about the opposite of young, which was covered in this article. Once again, there are two words in Tagalog that mean… 150 more words


Child, Children, Kids

These two words in Tagalog refer to child, children or kid but for different purposes.

Bata – this means child or children in general or… 186 more words



Okay, so my dog won’t stop asking me to play fetch with him, I mean srsly, he’s on my bed now. Anw, it’s April 17, i dont know but I think I’m forgetting someone’s birthday today. 17 more words


Someone just pointed out again that my “foolish” writing tattoo looks like “poolish” due to the font.


Must be the Flip accent.

FOB for Lyf. 16 more words


accept and then move forward

~~when I was shooting this, my butt was in pain XD the rock that I was sitting on was kinda pointy. :/ lol

Being in pain is kinda rough, especially if you feel that you’re alone. 90 more words