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Visaya terms in mainstream Filipino

Visaya terms in mainstream Filipino

Let me start by sharing a few facts:

The Philippines is a multilingual paradise. It has 185 languages, 4 of which are extinct. 409 more words


Marlisa : Stand By You

Australia has a new X-factor winner, fifteen year old Sydney sider Marlisa took out the record contract and title by 0.01% diffrence in votes. On the eve of her win (literally) her debut single… 113 more words



It’s been a while since I last posted anything on my blog. I had to attend to some very important family matters. But I’m back and will be blogging again. 421 more words


Going To da Probince – Pasalubong

There is a term used by those in the navy for anything taken ashore as a gift. ‘Rabbits’. It probably goes back to the days when they used to smuggle contraband like tobacco hidden in the carcass of a dead rabbit, or in the Australian context, something imported, like rabbits, foxes, pigs and so forth. 593 more words

Filipina Wives

Sorry, I haven’t been updating. I have been spending time with my boyfriend for the last few days because he is going to San Francisco this coming weekend for his academy for a month. 272 more words



I did talk about making cocido after eating it in Barcino. I have gone across this before during my pochero days (in the hunt for more local food that I have to try and make). 445 more words