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Life Update #2: I'm not posting yet because awesome

Greetings, Internet denizens! I would have updated with another song today, but I’m in a bit of a rush. You see, today is the beginning of the… 132 more words

Dragon Slayer Soup

Dungeoneering is pretty over-glorified right? I mean, oh sure there’s the fancy armour, the awesome weapons, the treasure beyond your wildest dreams… but at the end of a gruelling goblin-slashing, marsh-trawling, ogre-bashing day when you’re miles from the nearest tavern and your trench foot has started playing you up, things can sometimes get a bit dispiriting and, you know, even the highest level warriors aren’t immune to the sniffles now and again… 543 more words

The Elfin Knight (Slight Departure)

This is one of my really old folk/ filk songs based, very loosely and irreverently, on The Elfin Knight. It’s completely light-hearted, tongue in cheek,  ‘good for a laugh,’ silly  stuff –   a seasonal tale about a lass who thinks she’s found the man of her dreams… that is until she marries him and realises that they hadn’t actually thought the whole thing through… 387 more words

Five songs

Five of my songs as you’ve never heard them before — namely, performed by competent musicians! As a reward for supporting her Celtic Avalon project, Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps have made videos of five of my songs: 51 more words


Tomorrow's Songs Today: Change in plans and open thread

The amount that my IndieGoGo campaign for Tomorrow’s Songs Today raised fell short of the stretch goal for getting editing of content as well as copy. 111 more words


For every season... there is a tea :)

Just finished typing a rather ‘dark’ post last night to post up on Monday so I thought I’d start the weekend with something on a lighter note – tea :) 680 more words


Update on hardcopy TST

I just got a quote on spiral binding for Tomorrow’s Songs Today. It’s still not cheap, but it’s doable. All hard-copy books for supporters and other commitments will be spiral bound, with card stock covers front and back, and the front cover in color. 116 more words