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Tomorrow's Songs Today: Progress report

Yesterday I had another Skype conversation with Lee and Barry Gold, resulting in more information on the history of filk zines and a great story on how Bob Kanefsky found his way into filk (which I’m currently asking Bob to confirm or expand on). 183 more words


A messy piece of filk history

Covering the history of filk means reviewing some of its unpleasant parts. The most unpleasant was the breakup of Off Centaur Publications in the eighties. For those who don’t recall, it was a filk publishing business that raised recording standards and provided the first audio publication for some important filkers. 341 more words


Preservation note on Tomorrow's Songs Today

There’s a copy of my latest draft of Tomorrow’s Songs Today on filker.org at (/home/mcgath/tst_backup/TST.odt). It isn’t publicly accessible, but Spencer can get at it in case Godzilla eats my house with me in it. 45 more words


Anvil and the Hints - Lily

  • Title: ‘Lily’
  • Band: Anvil and the Hints
  • Album: I’m With Ginger (2011)
  • Original song: ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber
  • 331 more words

The secret history of Mary O'Meara

People are just throwing information at me for Tomorrow’s Songs Today, which this morning is just $2 short of the 25% mark in its… 132 more words


DRM-free book publishing

If you “buy” a book with DRM, you aren’t really buying it. You’re leasing it for as long as the vendor chooses to support it. Eventually you’ll have to replace your computer or reader with a newer one, and it may or may not still be possible to get one that will read what you thought were your books. 225 more words


On researching filk

The first-day response to my IndieGoGo campaign for Tomorrow’s Songs Today has been great! It’s already at $400! Publicity is very important. If you know of a suitable opportunity to mention what I’m working on, please do. 528 more words