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Tomorrow's Songs Today, now available!

Who first published recorded filk? (It wasn’t Leslie.)

Where did the word “filk” come from?

When and where was the first filk convention, and who organized it? 217 more words


Universe Returns are a band from Queensland, Australia who produce and perform original folktronic songs.   Liam and Dave are shapeshifting away from an earlier industrial sound toward making radio friendly compositions with a wider appeal.

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Tote bags for Tomorrow's Songs Today are here!

These were on my doorstep when I came back from a walk. Some of them will be going out soon as perks for people who supported my IndieGoGo campaign, a few will become gifts, I’ll keep one or two for myself, and I’ll be offering any that are left for sale at filksings or at Boskone.


Here it is! The cover for Tomorrow's Songs Today

Here it is at last: Matt Leger’s cover for Tomorrow’s Songs Today! This art will be reproduced on the tote bags and hard copy versions that are going to the book’s IndieGoGo supporters, and there will be a few more available. 13 more words


The Twelve Media Days of Christmas 2014

On the First day of Christmas my TV gave to me:
The Queen’s Speech sharp at 3:00.

On the Second day of Christmas my TV gave to me: 198 more words


Intermission #2.4: "One Throne"

And now, for our last portion of the Intermission, Something Completely Different. I have mentioned before that I consider much of my music to be “filk,” an obscure genre of sci-fi, fantasy, and all-things-convention-based folk music, but most of my repertoire is outside of the bulk of this category as it has come to be known. 669 more words