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The Twelve Media Days of Christmas 2014

On the First day of Christmas my TV gave to me:
The Queen’s Speech sharp at 3:00.

On the Second day of Christmas my TV gave to me: 198 more words


Intermission #2.4: "One Throne"

And now, for our last portion of the Intermission, Something Completely Different. I have mentioned before that I consider much of my music to be “filk,” an obscure genre of sci-fi, fantasy, and all-things-convention-based folk music, but most of my repertoire is outside of the bulk of this category as it has come to be known. 669 more words


Rewriting filk history

Finally, after a lot of rewriting, Tomorrow’s Songs Today is looking something like a book and not just a list of events. It’s past 50,000 words, and if for some reason I had to release what exists right now, I wouldn’t be totally embarrassed. 77 more words


Thanksgiving Cheer

To the tune of “We’re off to see the wizard”

We’re off to see the in-laws
And that always gives us pause
With all our beliefs, they are at odds… 46 more words


Dear Your Majesty

*This is a medievalized version of Dear Mr, President by Pink. The tune and many of the lyrics are from that song- I just made the adjustments. 338 more words


Gravity of Battle

*This song about the Viking way of life and death is based on and to the tune of “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles.
Something always brings back to you… 231 more words