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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

If you can sit through the entire film without getting severely distracted by Chris Evan’s pecs and the flowing lock of Sebastian Stan, you will find “Winter Soldier” to be a vastly superior instalment to the first “Captain America” in every way possible and the best Marvel film since the original “Iron Man” thanks to its unique blend of contemporary American politics and the pulpy mythology of its main character, resulting in a zippy espionage thriller that’s filled with explosive wonder from start to finish.


Noah (2014)

At the risk of offending the faithful, “Noah” never really crosses into batshit-crazy territory compared to the past Aronofsky films, but whatever your personal beliefs might be, “Noah” is still a visually sweeping epic that at its core has a morally stimulating examination on the complexity of human nature that will no doubt engage even the agnostics or the non-believers.


112 - Beauty and the Beast (1946)

Three The Great Movies reviews in a row? I’m on a roll. Today’s entry from Roger Ebert’s cataloging of essential films is Beauty and the Beast… 457 more words


Walking with the Enemy [2014 Film]

Well, the third trailer for this film came out earlier today, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s a bit reminiscent of Schindler’s List - however, that film being a far more emotionally motivated film now, there’s a chance this film could be something quite unique. 164 more words


The Kiss, huh?

In the month of March 2014 a video went viral. Now that the fever has somewhat passed for some, I can now discuss how unoriginal it was. In two words.

Andy Warhol.


Coursera: Marriage and the Movies

This online class from Wesleyan University started on Coursera yesterday. Visit this link to check it out and maybe sign up for free.

I took another film course through this University last fall and really enjoyed it. 706 more words