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The Social Network [2010]

How on earth can you make a two hour film about Facebook? That was my key question as I put The Social Network into the DVD player last night. 322 more words


FOX Tries To Fool Us Into Thinking QUICKSILVER Is Cool

A new promo video shows Quicksilver (Even Peters) eating a Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s X-Tra Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit.

After last month’s disaster-mercial that saw Mystique forced to shapeshift into a man in order to enjoy an X-Tra Bacon Thickburger in the most blatantly sexist commercial Fox could insert an X-Men character into because “man up” or something. 150 more words


Second Chance Cinema. About Time.

Lawrence arrived home after a successful skiing trip with the family in Austria and I’d booked us an afternoon out for Second Chance Cinema. 218 more words


Be Mindful of the living force young blogawan

Hey my name is Ruby Duigan. Pronounced dye-gun, not doogan, not dugan and certainly not dweegan. I’m 21, which is a shame, because that’s a sure sign I missed out on the 60′s. 209 more words


Ruby, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful Blogship.

A-hoy hoy! My name is Jess Cahill and my good friend Ruby Duigan and I are here to talk to you about film and television. 261 more words


Dead Poets Society [1989]

I remember watching this at school one Christmas, you know when teachers can’t be bothered to teach you for the rest of the year and I loved it. 559 more words