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Tribeca Film Festival 2014-'Time Is Illmatic'

With Tribeca Film Festival kicking off this week dozens of films pour into NYC. This year make sure to check out Time Is Illmatic. A film showing how renowned New York rapper, Nas, made is groundbreaking 1994 hip-hop debut… 7 more words


'The Other One'-Bob Weir Highlighted at this Years Tribeca Film Festival

Anyone making a film about the Deadheads is sure to attract some attention. However at this years Tribeca Film Festival Director Mike Fleiss chooses to shin the spotlight on the Dead’s longtime singer, songwriter and guitarist Bob Weir. 72 more words


Argo [2012]

I’ve been meaning to see this film for absolutely ages now, since it won the Oscar in 2013 for Best Picture which is sort of a big deal. 364 more words


...Count the Ways

Today we celebrate William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday (at least it would have been). Whether you’re a conspiracy theorist or a true believer, there’s no doubt that Shakespeare’s (or his ghostwriter’s) plays have stood the test of time, and are just as relevant today as they were 400 or so years ago.


In Your Eyes (2014)

It’s always great to see a nuanced, versatile indie filmmaker move on to blockbuster stardom; Hollywood’s big hitters certainly need unique voices like Joss Whedon’s to keep the clichés and the explosions at bay. 439 more words


Johnny Depp is Jesus! Or am I Just Reading Too Much into Movies?

The following contains spoilers for Transcendence (2014).  So there!

Last weekend saw the release of Wally Pfister’s directorial debut.  Who is Wally Pfister?  I’m glad you asked!   1,033 more words