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GAMING TRAILERS | the elders scrolls online- the siege

In this we see a massive fortress wall in need of a siege in which in a struggle battlement to seize the Ruby Throne from the holdment of Oblivion… in this of a battle scared of place of Cyrodiil.. 48 more words


DOCTOR WHO | 3D 50th Anniversary Trailer – a VFX Breakdown

“ Hallo again…” “ Allons-y…”  10th Doctor meeting up with his 11th

Found brilliantly fan made Doctor who 50th anniversary trailer centric around three generations of the Doctor David’s, Matt, and Hurt’s War Doctor… Also it’s how a brief intrude of the three in that moment of that moment of pushing that red button…. 77 more words


WEB SERIES | The Gable Five - the first

Well… who is the Gable 5..?

In with the first episode of the series has aired out today, with its first Gable five. We get to explore  Eliza Dushku character how she is webbed into this…. 136 more words


WEB SERIES | the gable v- who are they?

Who are the Gable five…..? After watching this Machima Prime short trailer featuring leads of Eliza Dushku, James Morrison, and Steve Harris… in this looks like a dark scifi investigative thriller where it looks like it has some forensic genetics involve with it also… with some intense action sequences that dangerously comes into play….as the story progressive into this trailer.. 33 more words


Rizal: Is He a True Hero?

image source: criticafterdark.blogspot.com

The film directed by Mike de Leon features an investigatory style of uncovering the true Jose Rizal. Jose Rizal is known for us to be our national hero. 274 more words


Ambitions and Sacrifices: A Reflection to the Film "Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio"

source of image:jonathan2rivers.blogspot.com

The film “Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio” is a story on how Andres Bonifacio was trialed. Andres Bonifacio was the Supremo of the Katipunan. 279 more words