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The Top 15 Horror Films of the Last Five Years: Number Two

Upon reflection I realize that Lucky McKee’s The Woman can be viewed two very different ways, and that really changes the feel of the film. Either interpretation is astonishing. 473 more words


What Went Wrong With... Christopher Nolan & The Nolanites?

With a back catalogue that contains some interesting movies, and an innate talent for creating an important and credible feel to his films, Christopher Nolan has in the past been responsible for some great cinema. 3,367 more words


The Top 15 Horror Movies of the Last Five Years: Number 15

The most important thing about the Babadook is setting the proper expectations. If you’re expecting the sort of terror that is being advertised, you’re going to be disappointed. 389 more words


What Went Wrong With... Interstellar?

There have been many occasions recently when we’ve been told that an upcoming film is “huge in scale”, “big in scope”, or “epic”, but once you’re finally able to watch the movie it becomes plain that this hype was merely a marketing ploy to sell a mediocre product. 1,463 more words