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Whelan Good

Actress and comedian Gemma Whelan took time out from Game of Thrones to return to the stage. She has just completed a run of Dark Vanilla Jungle… 115 more words


April 17, 2014: Sequel-mania! Our Stargate Atlantis re-watch continues with...In

Hey!  Great news, Mrs. Doubtfire fans.  21 years later, a sequel is finally in the works: http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Mrs-Doubtfire-2-Works-42606.html

It will follow in the rich tradition of Basic Instinct 2, Blues Brothers 2000, Escape from L.A, and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights – as sequels that were released after over a decade had passed since the original graced the big screen.   609 more words

2 Broke Girls, "And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake", Part 2

Lindsay Lohan appeared on Monday nights episode of 2 Broke Girls portraying Claire Guinness, a bride who is as indecisive as she is annoying. Despite a slight drop in views from last, it did very well with 7.22 million people tuning in to watch. 190 more words


The Great Gatiss

An accomplished actor, director, producer, comedian, novelist, screenwriter and playwright, Mark Gatiss is the modern Renaissance man. “I’m all over the TV like a rat,” he said in The Independent, when they listed all his  small-screen involvement over the past winter season. 185 more words


Supernatural: Winchester's Grow Up and the upcoming season

Recently my mornings have freed up and as a result I have been watching reruns of Supernatural airing on TNT. Comparing the episodes from the first season to the current it is evident how much Sam and Dean have grown on over time, emotionally and physically. 341 more words


Barbara Flynn

The 65 year old veteran actress Barbara Flynn believes there are now more roles than ever for older women. She currently stars in the new ITV British sitcom… 220 more words


Castle: The Good, the Bad and the Baby

On Monday night I saw the episode where Castle and Beckett foster an abandoned baby, much to the dismay of the detective and delight of her partner. 275 more words