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New in Theaters: 'Mr. Turner'

Mike Leigh tends to be the director one goes to for deft character studies (Secrets and Lies, Another Year, and such), not gorgeous period pieces. 160 more words

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As Long As Boyhood Doesn't Win: Kansas City, Broadcast Film Critics (Critics' Choice), Indiana Film Journalists, and Dallas-Fort Worth Nominees/Winners

Normally I’d kick things off with the Critics’ Choice nominees, but I live in the Kansas City area and figured I’d give our local film awards a shout-out. 2,991 more words

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All Across the Land: Chicago, Phoenix, St. Louis, Detroit, San Francisco, and San Diego Film Critics Nominations

I’ve got a personal connection to Chicago.

My family–well, my dad’s family–has been in Chicago for…at least 130 years. Probably closer to 150. Assuming I move there while my uncle still liveth, and assuming I live to a ripe old age, our family’s presence will span two centuries of Chicago history. 4,688 more words

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Awards Season @ Filmnomore

Just a short post to preview the upcoming Filmnomore awards season in which I will celebrate the best and worst of 2014.

This year I’ll be having the usual ten best and worst films of the year but alongside these lists there will be two new awards ceremonies – The Barry’s and The Farts.   99 more words

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New in Theaters: 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'

Six films and who knows how many gajillion dollars of revenue later, Peter Jackson’s monumental, exhausting adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Ring novels comes to an end with the third film in the second  189 more words

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New in Theaters: 'Inherent Vice'

When Thomas Pynchon published Inherent Vice in 2009, it became very clear that the revered author of Gravity’s Rainbow was still interested in his basics (baffling plots, conspiratorial confusion) but was now also cool with knocking out an honest-to-God fun read. 252 more words

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Golden Globes Nominees!

And now it’s getting serious. The Globes have put forth their nominees, and I must say, we’ve got a couple of surprises–and yet, it’s kind of clear where things are heading. 1,768 more words

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